Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks Episode 3 Immediate Reactions

Aug 17, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) drops back to pass during the first quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Another episode of Hard Knocks is in the books and although this week's episode may not have been as dramatic as last Tuesday's, the show continues to keep us on our toes by providing a behind-the-scenes look at Miami's biggest offseason story lines.

Stars of the Show:

- Head Coach Joe Philbin

- RB Reggie Bush

- QB Ryan Tannehill

Quick Hits:

- Show opens with the comments by Karlos Dansby following the release of Chad Johnson. Coaching staff addresses players to "buy in" together to the organization. This leads to a formation of a "leadership committee" proposed by Long, Bush, and Dansby... one that Philbin approves.

-Spotlight on Reggie Bush. Work ethic continuing to be one of the best.

-Jonathan Martin getting praises throughout practice..until the game against CAR.

-Jonathan Jerry continues to be overweight: OC Sherman describes his play as "descending fast", OL coach Jim Turner uses the phrases "Unreliable", "bad everything by the RG [on watching his game tape]" but does mention that "if he buys in he'll be an all-pro". The coaches respond by working him with reps until he vomits.

- First mention of Eric Steinbach mention the word "retirement" after he publicly admits his play is not where it used to be. Coach Philbin hesitant to put him in game.

- Rookie Talent show one of the highlights of this week's episode:

  • Chandler Burden mimics Kevin Turner ripping John Jerry.
  • A good Cee-Lo guitar solo by some rookie defensive linemen.
  • Player look alikes: my favorite? Philbin as South Park's Mr. Mackey.

-Showcasing HC Joe Philbin's attention to detail- is he too anal?

-Vontae Davis progressing, "looked more comfortable with himself".

-Catching up with David Garrard in therapy.

-Dramatic look in at the QB battle heating up.

-FINALLY introducing QB Pat Devlin. Reminds coach Campbell of Romo. Looking like he will warrant a roster spot from what I've seen.

-WR showcase- who will step up? Marlon Moore impersonating animal cat call during pregame, a la Chad Johnson.


  • Coyle pissed with early performance.
  • Tannehill getting POPPED.
  • VD getting feisty.
  • Egnew getting RIPPED by coach Turner...again.
  • Jerry & Egnew getting some redemption.
  • Hogan & Mathews looking solid.

-Jarrell Root is a damn good impersonator. Channeling his inner Harey Carey [late Chicago Cubs announcer]

- The finale: the announcement for starter QB. Breaking the news to Matt Moore first, who responds by showing nothing but class. Tannehill announced the starter, eager to put his best foot forward.

Now that the starting QB battle has reached a conclusion, let us see where next week's episode looks to focus on. What do you guys think of tonight's episode? Feel free to discuss below and look for a more detailed reaction tomorrow. I will also personally break down who's stock is UP and who's is DOWN, in a post later in the week.

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