My day at training camp

My dad and I are huge dolphins fans and we always go to a few training camp practices to check out the new players etc, except this year both of us have been really busy and haven't had time to get down to Davie. we texted back and forth trying to fit in a day where we both had off but it just wasn't happening. Then out of the blue a few days ago my dad was able to get the day off from work today to we could go down and watch the practice, which was GREAT NEWS. I was just happy to get back to watching my beloved dolphins.

Fast forward to 8:00 this morning we arrive at Nova South Eastern University. We walked up the ramp to go to the bleachers and realized we better pee before practice starts, because we're definitely not moving after. right outside the bathroom was a guy who was trying to sell raffle tickets for the Miami Dolphins Foundation. He says we can win a signed official Ryan Tannehill Helmet. "Sure" my dad says.... "its for a good cause". We buy one ticket. 5 bucks.

On to the practice

My overall thoughts on the practice were great. Like I said ive gone to a few in years past and it has never been this organized and well run. players aren't lagging around, they are moving with a purpose. They were running more plays than ever before and I was impressed. They did a lot of work on special teams today and also a lot of 7on7 and 11on11. I saw Tannehill play pretty well in the practice and played well in the 2:00 drill until he threw a pick to R Jones. I also saw Pat Devlin get a lot of snaps towards the end of practice. He looked average to me, despite all the good things I have heard lately.

Some of the receivers that I thought had a good day were Bess, Fasano, Clay, and Fuller. Bess had a nice one handed catch during drills and he looks poised for a great year. Fasano had 2 touch downs. Clay was being used all over the field, and fuller had a few noticeable catches. Wallace had a few drops today... more than I'd like to remember. Pruit seemed to get hurt and come out and I don't think I saw him come back. Gates had one catch where he beat his man for a TD but otherwise didn't show much.

Jimmy Wilson made a good break on a pass but dropped the INT. Rashad had the nice INT on Tannehill. I liked watching Lamar Miller and he looks as advertised. Reggie looked like Reggie. Vontae still looked a little out of shape.

overall it was very exciting. I like Joe Philbin, and I like the way this team is going. This is the right direction. You feel it when your out there watching these men work. Maybe I drank the kool-aid, I don't care, IM READY FOR THE SEASON.

On our way out of the stadium we came down the ramp and saw the guy who was selling the raffle tickets and he says check your ticket the winner ends in 706. My dad says "I think I have 706!!!!" He pulls out the ticket, and sure enough, it was our ticket. we won the autographed Ryan Tannehill helmet 4 of his wristbands and his towel from practice. We couldn't believe it! What an experience today.... I can Tell you I have such a good feeling about RT17 and not just because I won his helmet, that only made it that much sweeter. This guy has the IT factor. I have watched our QB's over the years and none could throw the ball like this kid. I can't wait to get back to the playoffs and back to the super bowl with our Phins. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my awesome day. LETS GO DOLPHINS!

heres a link to a picture:

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