A head coach, can it be the pit or the pendelum?

Our coaching staff says theres a head coach, but you haft to look close for the tail tell signs of experance. We will come back to this at a later point, The rock hard fans of this organization & you know who you are. Today i bring the reality of knowing that we had the apex of getting all our needs in one basket. Lets go "further back" to a time not to long ago.

Shula coach that was hired to do a job here in Miami Dolphin Land, that no one could have imagend would ever materalized, a coach that played a position that now is considered the most highly skilled. On the defence by at least 26 teams in the NFL, the most famous leauge in all of football. A DB can make a team a championship caliber(ie Deion Sanders) type almost by himself, but then you add in your "other skilled people" on the Offence & whala.

Ok facts Shula (#26) played for three teams Browns, Colts, & the Redskins 7 superbowls for his career. He was so good that the (Colts) they made him the head coach In 1963, when he decided to retire from playing the sport-Shula "where do i sign". His last year in Baltimore he lost a SuperBowl to snot nose (Joe Willy Namith). He then went on to five more superbowls with Miami & of corse. That most dinamic season "72" Undefeated.

Mostly for years the Colts were winners & in 1969 or 1970, seven years later he became Miami's coach. After lossing in the superbowl to the Jets. he decided to make it his destoney in life to destroying the infrostructure of said team. Well Coach Shula; job well done. the Pennicle, came in the (clock game) the "hole Jets team gave up" on that game & the rest of there season!

*****************************A feel good topic for those that wood reminess*********************************************

I promised that i wood come back to the less experance coaches, that are on "our team" as of rite now. People our coaches can do miracules, if given the chance. When Shula got here there was not this huge turn around it took 3 years, & hell he was a head coach that new what he had to have (Paul Warfield). Holy mother of GOD our first superbowl, then we were so pissed that we lost that first one we destroyed the leauge. Not like there is nowadays you see the 49ers & you wonder what could have been.

Have patients like a time forgot, the resarection will happen. Shula played in two & coached three more before winning getting his ring, 10 years of frustration before being able to carry the Lombardie in his hands!

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