'12 DCC kick-off ; A story & a plea for your support

The season is fast approaching, the excitement is building, and I'm heading to Canton for HOF weekend. Seems like a perfect time for me to talk DCC for a moment.

This years DCC is going to be different for me. Why you ask ?? Because I've taken a real shine to my road bike and I'm currently down 25 LBS from last year. When I came to Texas I was tipping the scales at 240 LBS, now I'm 215 LBS. I'm only 5 LBS away from my initial goal, which means I will have to readdress that hear in a couple week ( thinking 185 LBS will be the new goal ). There are a couple of things I've come to learn about road biking : A) I can burn over 2K calories with just over 90 minutes of riding B) lighter means faster on a bike. BUt this post isn't about me or my weight loss. It's about something much more substantial,....fighting cancer.

Many of you know I work in healthcare as a traveling therapist. I want to tell you a story about my interactions with a young ( early 30's) cancer patient I worked with while here in Dallas. I'm going to call my patient Joe. Joe has some sort of rare form of cancer that affected his spinal cord which left him more like a stroke patient. He had limited mobility & strength on his right extremities along with extreme pain if different parts of his body. Thing about Joe he is a frequent faller,....meaning he would keep trying to independently get out of bed & into his wheelchair, then continue on to the toilet. Most times he pulled it off ( and from my point of view, it was a train wreck of a transfer,......very unsafe ), but on more than one occasion ended up on the floor. This is where I enter the scene. I worked for the better part of 6 weeks with Joe exclusively on his transfers & standing tolerance. Honestly,....Joe's potential was not good. But,...there was no quit in him. With all he was going through he never once gave up trying during out time together. That left an impression on me.

That's just one story, about a stranger turned friend that I could tell you about. That is just one story out of many that have affected me,....and that's just work. Personally it took my Uncle, my Wife's Grandmother, & my Mom's good friend. It affects each and every one of us.


I represent you. Will you support me ?

Thank you for your consideration.


( White Rock Lake with Downtown Dallas in the background )


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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