The 2012 Miami Dolphins: The NFL's Worst Team Ever Created

If you read national media reports about the Miami Dolphins, you would clearly understand, new head coach Joe Philbin is destined to preside over the worst team in NFL history.

In just a few days, the Miami Dolphins will begin their 2012 season with the opening of training camp. In fact, the NFL will see the first training camp open tomorrow, as the Arizona Cardinals officially get the season started. But, as the Dolphins report to training camp, they will comprise the worst team to ever hit an NFL field. Well, at least that's what you would think of this team if you read any of the national media's analysis of the Dolphins.

This team is destined to equal the 2008 Detroit Lions' 0-16 season it seems. Every position on the Dolphins is bad. Even when it's good (like Jake Long or Cameron Wake), a "but" is thrown in there to bring the team down. The bashing of the Dolphins is so bad, there are even stories that have zero bearing on reality, portending to show why the Dolphins are horrible.

How many times can writers tell us that Joe Philbin did not call plays in Green Bay, despite being the offensive coordinator? Is anyone expecting Philbin to call plays as the head coach? I believe what Mike Sherman is going to do.

I read somewhere that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is actually the second coming of Matt MillNot signing Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn was the key to why Ireland is the worst general manager, establishing the worst team, in the history of the NFL. The trade of Brandon Marshall was just the icing on the cake of misery that is the Dolphins.

Are the Miami Dolphins going to win the Super Bowl this season? Probably not. But, reading all the Miami Dolphins analysis, you wouldn't think this team is going to win a single game this year. The success of Reggie Bush last year is just a minor speed bump into the demolishing of the Dolphins. The domination of offensive tackles by linebacker/defensive end Cameron Wake is completely overlooked.

The drafting of Ryan Tannehill is seen as a desperate move by a desperate team just to increase ticket sales. Ignore the fact that Tannehill is most likely not getting on the field to start the season, thereby not having an effect on ticket sales.

Allowing Yeremiah Bell to walk away from the team clearly will be the downfall of the franchise. Somehow, not re-signing Will Allen is a major problem for the Dolphins, but the addition of Richard Marshall does not even get mentioned.

With the Dolphins just four days from opening the 2012 NFL season, the national media sure seems to think this will be the worst season in the franchise's history. And, for a team that went 1-15 just five years ago, that's pretty bad.

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