Miami Dolphins Projected Offensive Depth Chart - Pre-Training Camp Edition

Despite camera blurring speed, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Clyde Gates could find himself on the wrong side of the 53-man roster this year.

The Miami Dolphins officially open their 2012 training camp in just under a week. Both the rookies and veterans report back to Miami on July 26, with the first day of practice being July 27. With that in mind, it's time for us to take another look at the Dolphins' depth chart.

However, I am going to change it up slightly this time. Instead of just listing all of the players at each position, I'm going to try to project the 53 man roster, the eight man practice squad, and who gets released. Of course, I am sure to be way off by the end, because I believe players like Jake Scott will join the team, and of course, the practice squad will include some players who are not currently in Miami. But, using the 90 players we currently have, here is my best approximation of the Miami offensive depth chart. The defense and special teams will come out later today


Running Back:


  • Starter: Ryan Mahaffey
  • Reserve: None
  • Practice Squad: None
  • Released: Jovorskie Lane

Wide Receiver:

Tight Ends:




Total players on roster: 25
Total players on practice squad: 5

Offensive Depth Chart Commentary: There were several cuts on the offensive side of the ball that I did not want to make, but had to make to keep other players. The first one was Pat Devlin. I would love to stash him on the practice squad one more year, but that would just take practice snaps away from Tannehill. RT17 will be on the 53-man roster, but will essentially be the practice squad QB to start the season.

Next up, I released Steve Slaton, despite the fact that I have him listed as the fourth running back on the current depth chart. I want to keep Messam and Thigpen, but only have space for one of them on the practice squad. Slaton provides depth, but is not anything like he was in his rookie year in Houston. He's the sacrificial lamb here to make space for other players. Gray gets released if he's not placed on the PUP list.

I'm not sold that the Dolphins will keep a fullback on the roster, especially if Messam makes the squad, and has a healthy knee. But, if they do, I give the nod to Mahaffey over Lane right now. That could easily change - or both could be released, which would add a slot either to the running backs or the wide receivers.

At the wide out position, I'm only keeping five, even though I would like to make it six. I think the two draft picks and Fuller are locks to make the practice squad, which leaves me with Gates, Naanee, and Moore to either slide onto the roster (especially if no fullback is kept), or release all of them. I think Gates is the bubble receiver, most likely the guy who gets the most debate. Naanee I think gets cut because Ochocinco/Johnson makes the roster, while Moore I would love to find a way to keep, but with Wallace reportedly looking good in OTAs and minicamp, I give the nod to Wallace, and release Moore.

The tight ends are difficult as well. Fasano, Egnew, and Clay are easy, and I think all three of them will see plenty of playing time, no matter which way they are listed on the depth chart. I think Les Brown can be stashed on the practice squad this year, while Jeron Mastrud and Will Yeatman are the odd men out. I would like to keep them, and I know the coaching staff likes them, but I just don't know where to get the extra space.

The offensive line worries me, becayse I am only keeping three guards, but I think Garner and Cook can fill in if necessary. I think those nine guys give enough flexibility to have depth despite carrying fewer guys.

What do you think of the offensive depth chart? Let us know in the comments below, and look for the defense later today.


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