Dez Bryant: Proving Jeff Ireland Right Since 2010

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys is seen on the screen during introductions. Could the recent allegations against Bryant cause his career to go up in flames?

In 2010, Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant was making the rounds, visiting teams, and preparing for the NFL Draft. In the process of that preparation, Bryant sat down with the Miami Dolphins for an interview. During that interview, Bryant explained that his father had been a pimp, and that his mother had worked for his father. Dolphins' general manager Jeff Ireland then infamously asked Bryant if his mother was or prostitute.

When the story leaked to the press, Ireland was flambeed by reporters, NFL personnel, and fans alike. The question was too personal. The question was inappropriate. The question had no bearing on Bryant's draft stock. Ireland's reputation still stings from that 2010 interview.

Ireland was concerned about the Dolphins drafting a wide receiver who was coming into the league with off the field issues. Bryant had been declared ineligible by the NCAA for lying about a lunch he had with Deion Sanders. In trying to decide if they should hand over $15 million in guaranteed money to Bryant, Ireland was trying to determine what sort of risk the Dolphins might be taking.

Since that interview, Bryant hasn't stopped proving Ireland's concerns correct.

Just before the draft, Bryant was sued for allegedly taking jewelry without paying for it.

In 2011, Bryant was kicked out of a Dallas mall for wearing his pants too low, and arguing with security when they asked him to pull them up.

Now, this week, Bryant was arrested for alleged family violence. As reports have come out, Bryant supposedly attacked his mother, hitting her. Bryant's mother, in the 911 call, stated that she is tired of Bryant "doing this to her," and that she was ending it today.

After asking Bryant about his mother, who had spent a year-and-a-half in prison for dealing cocaine, Ireland was forced to publicly apologize to Bryant. Now, in 2012, asking that question, and losing any chance of landing Bryant in the draft, may have been the best thing that could have happened for the Dolphins. Ultimately, the team would trade out of the twelfth pick that year, letting the San Diego Charger move up, while Miami would select Jared Odrick with the 28th pick.

The Dolphins would also trade for Brandon Marshall during the offseason, giving them the alpha receiver for whom they were searching. Now, two years later, the Dolphins have traded away Marshall, look to have a developing pass rush threat in Odrick, and are not having to deal with the headaches Bryant is causing in Dallas.

Maybe Ireland's question was not so bad afterall.

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