It's still off season, But Chemistry is looking good.

David G. Is playing "lights out for us" as a starter, (week 5) the Raiders, QB.Palmer is side-lined indeffenetly. Hand is broken in 3 places & P. Manning is still going off in the division. Gerrad throws for 487 yds. 2nd week in a row over 400yds. This is the Offer on the table from da Raiders, a first, second, in the upcomming draft & the following years second, & third in that draft. I know its a far out thought, but do we trade him or do we trade Matt Moore for two 2nds?

The Raiders are such a kneejerk team, they go off the deepend on QB troubles. Could this also be seen as us takeing advantage of a perfect situation, worst case scenario could we be repramanded for it at some time. At later date say the end of the season?

Questions remain's is "our love" for winning (hordable), or wood we as a fan base give "the go around" of an off season pick up-all the credit thats due. Knowing our constitution for winning is a "week to week" thing, with the (injury prown back) of the quarterback, that is now leading us & yet, QB. was our #1 draft pick in last years draft. Do we have "the paversion" to keep our minds trained on the altimate goal. If saying we are in the lead of our division say by week 6.

We are heading into the playoffs at full steam kinda, wood "the rapisody" of haveing a second (1st rd pick) make our minds tremble with desire. Or quake with fear as sum have said that one bad draft could turn our franchize into the Cleavland Browns, of the South. surly though it couldn't mater as much as we've seen the Patzies, whom have held two 1st rd. pick's for at least the past 5 or 6 years now.

Knowing the fragil make up of such a young team, and coaching staff as well. If we were to lose the gel of the players, wood it be wize to treat the Raiders, to a (gift from the gods) at any cost knowing how much Chemistry works in the NFL, hmmmm that has me wondering? But then as one look from the other direction can put a new perspective spin, we are looking at a skeam that i know Rodgers, Flynn, & now Gerrard, can play.

Why not let sumone thats already playing for us get a shot. Oh did i mention Joe Montana, well lets see if there is a Possible "Steve Young", out there on our roster. Could it be that we might be asking for err looking for a bigger better deal then whats already on our plates, does the concept of haveing our cake & eating it also just sound to good. So as a fan i know our QB. needs no Unitis attrabutes, its all about the WR. & from what i can gather our second tear of Wide-outs is a crying shame.

Thank good-ness we did not draft Dez Bryant, (I recant all) the things that may have blurted out of my mouth about you Mr. Ireland, it only took 16 games & and 3/4 off season for the true Dez Bryant to reveal himself.

Thank you Mr. Ireland you have always been a true beliver in the Phinsider allegiance Miami Dolphins!

This will be the last of off (topic posts) that Tex asked me to type hope all liked the series of garble that i layed out!

*******************************************Another Hot topic WZB**********************************************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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