Chad Ochocinco: Yay or Nay?

Chad Ochocinco expected to be released by the Patriots after they have found no takers. Does Miami make sense as a possible destination?


Asset or Liability?


Whether you want to believe it or not, our wide receiver core is MOSTLY a gaggle of unproven guys looking for their first shot. Bess and Hartline are the "VETS" and while I think both are great assets of our team, neither have shown any ability to THRIVE at #1 WR, especially with another question mark at the QB position. Make no mistake that Chad's best days are behind him, but he still commands attention and has experience at the Z-spot. He has shown interest in Miami, and his flashy energetic style would certainly fit in Miami; honestly, can you name a player who would fit better in the Hard Knocks series? I can't.

Chad will be cheap, have the knowledge of an AFC East rival and might possibly be an added "fire" to help light our younger guys such as Gates, Fuller, Cunningham, and Mathews. Ochocinco from a monatary value is a low risk/high reward guy who could come in and instantly be our top wideout. Simply put, what do we have to lose?


It's 2012: Chad hasn't a successful season in, well a long time. If Tom Brady couldn't re-ignite his career, how is he supposed to do it in Miami, a place where the QB position is still a revolving door? Normally, I would say our new coaching staff wouldn't touch an egomaniac like Chad, but they did just agree to televise their training camp nationally. The biggest knock on Chad would be that he might possibly stunt the opportunity of a few of our young guys, rather than mentor them. A handful of guys (Moore, Wallace, Fuller, Cunningham, Mathews, Gates) have everything to prove and are looking for that shot, and bringing in a question mark like Chad is just one more hurdle for these guys to jump over to make the team. If it was a top tier guy with recent success its a no-brainer but bringing in Chad might just be an unneccesary distraction.


Honestly, I can see both sides on this. I think your vote is going to come down to a personal choice and I think many will make their decision based on whether they like his off-field antics or not. In my opinion, if we can get him cheap I would ABSOLUTELY listen to offers and offer a low ball deal while GUARANTEEING him nothing. Give him an opportunity to make the team, but make he sure he fights for a spot just like the rest of these guys. Chad has always been a "character", but personally, I never viewed him as a cancer and usually his antics are light-hearted and not really a distraction to the team. I think Miami could be a good spot for him so I'd vote yes: I would love for the Phins to to give him a chance, but we're not guaranteeing ANYTHING Mr. Ochocinco, so you got to work for it. If all goes well, you very well could be this team's #1 WR come week 1.

Best of Chad OchoCinco

All I gotta ask...... is #85 available???


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