TE's can be fiesty, why not draft one to cover one!

As much as i've seen from these players, throwing a right shive arm is not forien to these guys.Gronkowski is a very big kid, but surly theres a Tight End out there (Michael Egnew) that can duplacate what he does. If that is posisible perhaps we might have the makings of a top tight-end cover of all time. For these TE's that we've seen play in & out every week, when we play aganst them it's like we're compeating aganst an all pro every-week.

I'm of the type to fight fire with fire, is there a (gut wrenching) S.Sharp wirery type that can cover. A TE with knowlage of said posisition, that is willing to turn defense to use those skills to win championship after championship.

For the team by that claim, will be ground breaking, without notice "by peers" but fans & coaches will have no remorse chanting release the crakens. Two years ago (week by week) 63&1/2 % of all our losses of every team that played Miami, Looked as though they had a top notch tight end.

The life of a team can be seen through the eyes of a Tight End the best friend of the QB, whilest the safetys are being ocupied by the the speedy recivers. There are seams in the middle of the field, that the Tightend will take advantage of on a constant basis. But as much as any fan, i want to know exackly why we dont have a reciveing TE with a huge name.

The bigest names in the AFC are in our division, but not alone afc east Dustin Keller, Rob Gronkowski, Scott Chandler These TE's can't wait to see where "we are" on there scheduel. As a rule of thumb (Miami) is were a good TE, makes his name, shows "there QB" that its the TightEnd that makes things happen. Oh the TE loves to see confusion in a defence, at this time he picks his "left hand up" QB. see's said hand & both know whats the hot read.

Mostly when the Steelers & the Ravens meet, it's like a playoff type game weather its in the begaining of the season or the middle. Ed Dickson is not as well known as Health Miller, whom i've had on my FFL. I want this adelation for Miami every time we play. Go Dolphins!

*****************************************This is WZB with another hot topic!***********************************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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