Miami Dolphins Rookie Tackle Jonathan Martin Makes OTA Debut

DAVIE, FL - MAY 4: Jonathan Martin #71 of the Miami Dolphins talks ot the media after the rookie minicamp on May 4, 2012 at the Miami Dolphins training facility in Davie, Florida. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins opened a four day period of organized team activities, with rookie tackle Jonathan Martin participating for the first time. Martin, along with fifth round pick Josh Kaddu and undrafted free agent Dustin Waldron, were prohibited from practicing with the team until the academic quarter in which they were enrolled before the draft was complete. For all three of those players, their respective school completed the term last week, allowing them to report to the Dolphins yesterday.

When asked after the practice if he felt like he had missed anything being away from the team, Martin responded, "Yes. I feel a little behind. Some of the adjustments that they have been making in pass protection especially. Basically it is still the same so I feel pretty good."

Martin did, however, enjoy getting to meet and practice with the full Miami roster for the first time, "It felt good. It was fun. People were moving fast. My mind was spinning on the first couple of plays, but after that I started to settle down and I felt pretty good."

Continuing with that thought, Martin spoke about his interactions with the veterans on the team, "I just met them today (laughing). I am still trying to get to know them. I have been talking to Richie [Incognito] and he has been taking me under his wing a little bit. I'm just going to do whatever they say and try and get better every day."

Martin also spoke about Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin, who has a background as an offensive line coach. "I think it is a huge help having Coach Philbin as a Head Coach [with his background]," Martin stated. "He is going to get after me every time I mess up, but that's what I like. I like hard coaching. I like to get better. He and Coach (Jim) Turner...I'm going to do everything they say and do everything I can to make myself a better player."

Martin was asked about his transition from a left tackle at Stanford, to the right side of the line in Miami. "It's a little bit of an adjustment," he answered. "It's different muscles. I've been on my right leg for my whole career...pushing off my right leg in a left hand stance, so I have to turn my left leg to push back. It's a little different."

The team's second round pick was also asked about the speed of the new offense being installed in Miami. The Dolphins are said to want to run 90 plays a game, snapping the ball with over 30 seconds remaining on the play clock every time. "It's definitely up tempo," Martin responded. "We had some no huddle stuff at Stanford, but it's not nearly the same. Getting up and getting down real fast. It takes some extra reps to get used to that."

The Dolphins will continue their second day of work this week today. The team will hold four total days of OTA workouts this week. However, there is not expected to be any media access allowed the rest of the week.

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