Phin Wars Episode XLVI: Ireland Strikes Back

After a long hiatus, Phin Wars has returned! For those new to the series, this is something I whipped up over a year ago (during the lockout) and had a pretty good following. Since the fanposts have practically run dry and not much Dolphin-related news out there, I thought I'd spice things up. Hope you enjoy!

In our own galaxy, close, close, and near...

The rebellion was in shambles after succumbing to defeat after defeat. The men were battered and bruised from 16 weeks of grueling and violent warfare. On the bright side, there were some small victories. On the dark side, these "small victories" were overshadowed by a dismal 2011 campaign. Some of these accomplishments include: A recharged Bush Light....Saber, who proved to be a potent and effective weapon. Cameron "Sacks QB's By His" Solo proved not to be a one year wonder and some of the young talent looked promising.

The rebellion has a new identity these days. Obi Wan Dabolli and the failed attempt to train Chadakin Slowalker in the ways of the quarterback are now behind them. The era of Slowalker has ended. This is the new chapter. May I present to you Phin Wars Episode XLVI: Ireland Strikes Back.

The people of South Flattoine were fed up with Senator Ireland's "careless" questions and poor personnel decisions. This is a democracy and the people have the right to voice their opinion, which Dolfans took full advantage of as they protested in the streets of Davie.

As if most of us weren't already skeptical regarding Ireland's competence in successfully carrying out his role, he then goes and strips down the Millennium Marshall and sells it as spare parts for less than it's original price. We tried to justify it, but in the end, we practically gave away our most productive weapon. Two promising drafts later, it seems as though he is making a comeback and proving he is capable, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The new look of the rebellion begins with some new names. Names that may fade away in the years to come, or ones that might join the ranks of immortality in Canton or in the form of a retired number. Starting with number 17, the young apprentice, Ryan Hillwalker. The kid has a midichlorian count that exceeds all Dolphin quarterbacks prior to him, except one... Dan Yodarino. Some of the other youngsters for us to keep our watchful eyes on are Martin and Egnew (sadly, I have run out of Star Wars characters). Look for these young men to have immediate impacts

So how different is this squad? Taylor-Calirissien has retired, Chewsaka is long gone, Chadakin Slowalker has taken his "talents" elsewhere, the Millennium Marshall, traded, Obi Wan Dabolli, axed, Sparano, axed and Nolan's gone. The new head of the rebellion is steering this ship in a different direction. Joebi Wan Phinobi exudes confidence, calmness, and intelligence. The exact characteristics you want your Master Quarterback to display. Let's hope the training goes as planned and Ryan Hillwalker is the one to restore balance to the force.

Timing and the right combination of personnel are the recipe for success. Have we found it? Is Hillwalker going to be the one who leads us there?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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