The owning of the AFC east; by the "Miami Dolphins" Its all one sided.

Forged by Human desire in the Quip of one mans thoughts, "Philbin's asperations" on into the future. But there again as one fan to another, the (darker the off-season) the brighter the draft. Into the inlightment of 2012, never again the dysfunction by Miami not haveing the rite safetys in place early in the season.

****Last years desastors were just that historys mysterys, if i were filled with anything including Neptuneism. I would tell you that this team will lead are devision in points scored 32-35 avg. with a very high turnover rate We will have a high-game of 49 points scored & our bowles may not move to good at the get go.

Exciting as prolific all will be revilled, to whom all our scoreing profilles will exceed. Only that of the Packers will hold a better avg. With no futher adue my prognostication!

Houston- weve been waiting a long time to hand this team it's cookies, this ones "for the Gipper" great halftime speach. Just dont patranize me on this (31-34) one as all will see later in season.

Oakland- And all those funny littel men dressed in there costumes, on Tuesake stroides with make-up & hair jelly oh sorry griff. 37-31.

Jets- A gazillion jokes & none as funny as Rex Ryan "gut", i mean the guy sets in front of the office mirrior in (the locker-room) for hours on end must be thinking. God my feet look good as we win (44-24).

Arizona- Thx again for Dansby argueable the face of the Miami Dolphins defence (41-21).

Cincinnatti Well this was a heck of a game (32-30) but a win.

St Louis- Coaching bruhaha for "as long as he" is coach, well he can exspect to give us a W our biggest game of the year 46 pointer. Our defence scores twice thx for the unmemeries.

Jets as if they could shake the memeries of week 3, not (35-21) as the defence keeps putting up # err points.

Indy- These clowns just cant seam to turn it around but are putting up good #'s as Cam did last year. High scorer 49-41 of the year for us.

Tennessee- we score big again 45-17 & defence shows up big, "Earth-Wake" 4 presures & 4 sacks he loves playing in Miami oh happydays.

Buffs- we got lucky flying to high Squeaker 21-20 old fashion donny-brook punch them in the mouth first!

Seattle- the Queen Mom, on hand from England err Prince Henrey, emagine that a dolphin game. Ross, things are looking up. 36-31

New England- A Bradyless patzies this should have been a chrysening, we should have open them up like a can of worms. But we played down to there level to give them a chance? IDK

San Fran cisco 49ers san fran beat us & who has been feading Ginn all those suplaments Damn Ginn look good returning kicks. Ginn returned two kicks for TD's sfedges us 33-31 outch.

Jaxsonville- Not so menising with-out there defencive coach ??-14 we worked on the groung & pound this week.

Buffs- cleaned our clocks but we even the year at 1-1 we tweaked our game a bit cuz last week the Patzies.

New England- there trying to hold there heads up in front of the home crowed but the Dolphins Pin them to the wall quick enuff said 33-20!

*****************************************************THX WZB **********************************************************

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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