Message to All Fellow Fins Fans: Relax

To all my fellow Dolphin fans, whether you liked the pick or not, the fact is we took Tannehill. Now I have read a many of forums and I am getting the general feeling that most fans are angered by the pick. Now do I think taking him at 8 was a little high, yes, because other than the Browns there was no other team with a need at QB that was so dire where they would take one in the first round. But fact is, he is the future and people need to be a little patient with him.

I mean we gave Henne a good two and you could say 3 solid years to prove himself on the field, before we realized it was not meant to be. So all I am saying is that we need to calm down and trust Philbin with what he does best, which is develop offenses (more specifically QBs)...(i.e. Aaron Rodgers now a Super Bowl and NFL MVP; Matt Flynn, who was a seventh rounder, now considered a potential starting QB in the NFL). And if there is any combination of coaches that is going to get the maximum potential out of Tannehill, it is going to be Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin.

Also, you have to think that at the time they were considering signing Flynn, you don't think they weighed their options and did their homework on both QBs (being Flynn and Tannehill). Because they obviously knew they were in prime position to take him in the draft, so again we just need to trust the people who do this for a living and root for Tannehill to be the next franchise quarterback.

Some food for thought (in order to balance out the comparison I am going to use the 2nd year in each QB's college career at the division 1 level)

Ryan Tannehill's 2011 College Stats:

Completions 327 Attempts 531 Comp. Per. 61.6% Yards 3744 Y/A 7.1 TDs 29 INTs 15

Aaron Rodgers 2004 College Stats (only played two years of D1 ball at California)

Completions 209 Attempts 316 Comp. Per. 66.1 Yards 2566 Y/A 8.1 TDs 24 INTs 8

Ben Rothlisberger 2002 College Stats (these are for soph. yr, was taken after junior year)

Completions 271 Attempts 428 Comp. Per. 63.3 Yards 3238 Y/A 7.6 TDs 22 INTs 11

Now you have to take into consideration that Aaron Rodgers was playing JUCO ball at Butte CC at for a year prior to his two years, so he had a little more experience and playing time at the QB position than Tannehill did. Also under consideration is that Rothlisberger's stats are for his sophomore year and he was younger and had less experience at the college level than Tannehill did, but you also have to realize he was playing in the MAC conference with weaker competition.

Additionally, I did some homework and found an interview, that was conducted by David Harris of the Bryan-College Station Eagle, where Texas A&M's new head coach, Kevin Sumlin, was quoted saying "last year there were so many dropped passes. Those are missed opportunities, first downs, touchdowns." Now I have searched far and wide and have not been able to find what the exact number of dropped passes is, but I do recall hearing some absurd number on ESPN a couple of times so that has to factor into Tannehill's completion rating.

Now by no means am I saying Tannehill is a lock to be Super Bowl MVP, but before we get all angered/disappointed with the pick, we need to let Philbin do what he does and give Tannehill a little time to prove himself. The guy has been nothing but a class act since arriving in Miami; despite probably knowing some Miami fans were disappointed with taking him. So all I am saying is take a step back, give the guy a chance and let's see what Philbin and Sherman can do with his uncapped potential.

Also if anyone knows or can find the exact number of dropped passes by A&M in 2011, please post it here I would like to know the exact number.

Let's Go Fins

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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