Attack attack attack, the days of the Lynn Swann catches are history!

There will be one day, we all will look back & watch the changing of the guard sorta speak & say yes i remember!

I witnessed some-thing I was sure that in our life time we would never see, a team dare i say "our team" got beat by a qb that only had the ball in his hands 1/4 the time. Our beloved dolphins, had the ball forever & this didn't deterre the Colts, in there efferts to be victorius. Oh the princables of haveing a superior QB are tremendious.

This in its self didn't destroy my brain from my head as one would think, becouse of "its anomaly" but the price of admission to watch (Peyton's Cacoon) soon waned as "my pocket change" quickly dwindled. TanneHill has little exsperance, compairitive to the (overused Sanchaze) whom i was thinking had "Cogganitive decline" befor he even came into the NFL.

I strongly belive we have our Leader (Tannehill) in place, I've seen what happens to a team when that (team losses) its leader. Even if said "team has players" that have been to the play-offs for many years. This my friends is a shocking revolation, as it has been plainly said (The Qb) should be the #1 priority before all else. The "will" of one man can never pull the team on insperation alone. But then again it pulled the strings of the Trent Dilpher Balt. team for the last time (Ray Lewis)!

Sum say rebuielding, i just say we keep adding bigger & better year in & year out. Well we can't be "pimped off" for charity, & i don't think that its vieable if we could. The thought of one's chin so far in the air, resembles nothing that could be be put on paper, in black & white. Then again i love the perfect way the team is reajusting itself, & earning it's stripes with its method of capacity.

A budy of mine youst to tell me that he could make catch, after catch, only while watching mis after mis by the dolphins one stretch of the game we were like 3 for 12 & he love to tel me that they (the wide recivers) were dropping pass, after pass, some were wide open in the end-zone also. I not wanting to be the "lump on the log" I would come to there defense stating that the game is much faster in the pro's.

That just priar to the game starting you would see things like (Harrison) of the Steelers, almost decapitate the mans head & a "fine was rewarded" to the victums family. As you & me both sit in our stools drinking are coolys saying wow did you see that Concusion asking ourselves wheres the safety in that. Oh I-like our new pick-up even the free agents are nice.

Well theres another hot topic by yours truely WZB on the flip!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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