Belicheat VS Ireland... I will take Jeff!

I am new to this site With that said I get confused with the local and national media's gushing coverage of Bill B's Drafts. The reason the Pats win is very simple Tom Brady! They have not won a super bowl in years and remind me of the Dolphins of 90's. They are in every game and a threat every year just like we were because of Marino. The rest of the team is average. As for the drafts if you compare the genius with Ireland the past 4 drafts they are not even close. For last weeks draft I am using the grades from (and remember Bill used 4 draft picks on his first 2 and we got Vernon who is rated right below Jones with a 3rd) The following is Irelands picks:

2012 Graded as

1 Tannehill 87.0 Starter

2Martin 87.4 Starter

3 Vernon 82.0 Eventual Starter

3 Egnew 71.5 Eventual Starter

4 Miller 84.5 Eventual Starter .5 Below Starter

5 Kaddu 68.5 .5 Below Eventual Starter

6 Cunningham 73.5 Eventual Starter

7 Randall 64.5 Draftable

7 Mathews 73.5 Eventual Starter


1 Mike Pouncey Very Solid Player Above average

2 Daniel Thomas Very Solid Player Above average

3 Edmond Gates Decent Reserve Above average KR guy Still Alot of promise

6 Charles Clay Decent Reserve Could Be a key player

7 Frank Kearse in Carolina Started the last 4 games Solid Player

7 Jimmy Wilson Decent Reserve with Big Potential


1 Jarred Odrick Slowed By Injury Still has huge upside

2 Koa Misi Starter but Disapointing so far but still a chance to be good

3 John Jerry Up and Down Decent reserve could become solid starter

4 A.J. Edds Bust

5 Nolan Carrol Decent Nickel probably as good as he gets

5 Reshad Jones Starter last year Looks pretty good

7 Chris McCoy Bust

7 Austin Spitler Special Teamer


1 Vontae Davis Very Solid Starter still could become Pro Bowler

2 Pat White Pro Bowl Franchise QB...... HaHa Nope BUST!

2 Sean Smith Very Solid starter still could become Pro Bowler

3 Patrick Turner Bust

4 Brian Hartline Average Starting WR

5 John Nalbone Bust

5 Chris Clemons Decent Reserve/ Part time starter

6 Andrew Gardner Bust

7 J.D. Folsom Bust

Now Bill's Picks


1 Chandler Jones 84.2 Eventual Starter .8 Below starter

2 Dont'a Hightower 85 Starter

3 Jake Bequette 66.0 Draftable

4 Nate Ebner 00 NO GRADE HaHa

7 Alfonzo Dennard 85.7 Starter but he is low character criminal

7 Jeremy Ebert 00 NO GRADE HaHa


1 Nate Solder starter Very Solid Player Above average

2 Ras-l Dowling BUST

2 Shane Vereen Nothing as of yet but still young

3 Stevan Ridley Showed Promise BUT not active or didnt play last 2 games

3 Ryan Mallett Nothing yet but IMOP could be awesome

5 Marcus Cannon PT Player with Potential

5 Lee Smith Bust

6 Markell Carter Bust

7 Malcom Williams Got in 2 games but doesnt look promising


1 Devin McCourty Starter But kind of a stiff similar to Carroll

2 Rob Gronkowski Starter Awesome player

2 Jermaine Cunningham Started 1 year Nothing more then a Back up

2 Brandon Spikes Average Starter

3 Taylor Price Bust

4 Aaron Hernandez Very Solid Starter still could become Pro Bowler

5 Zoltan Mesko Decent PUNTER

6 Ted Larsen Below Average starter in TB

7 Thomas Welch Bust

7 Brandon Deaderick Decent Back up

7 Kade Weston Bust

7 Zac Robinson Bust


2 Pat Chung Very solid player

2 Ron Brace Bust (3 years and still a reserve for a 2nd rounder)

2 Darius Butler GIANT Bust

2 Sebastian Vollmer Average Starting OL

3 Brandon Tate Bust

3 Tyrone McKenzie Bust

4 Rich Ohrnberger Bust

5 George Bussey Bust

6 Jake Ingram Bust

6 Stryker Sulak Bust

6 Myron Pryor Below average Reserve

7 Julian Edelman Good all around reserve

7 Darryl Richard Bust

13 starters 6 contributors 6 busts out of 32 (I am Projecting from grades in 2012 as well)

10 starters 6 contributors 18 busts out of 43 (I am Projecting from grades in 2012 as well)

I will Take Jeff as my GM over mr Overated If I didnt have Brady I would have been fired 6 years ago Bill.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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