Catching up on some Dolphin vids got me excited for this upcoming season..

This isnt going to be any kind of prediction, mock, or speculation. Im excited as hell for the season to start, cause I believe in Miami!! plain and simple.. We have weapons on offense, bruisers on defense, and we have smart coaches. If the pieces fit together well, anything can happen and we'll be a force to recon with. Everyone is on the same page, wanting to get the Dolphins organization back to its winning tradition. Good talent, unlocked potential, lots of reasons to be optimistic, and to believe in Miami!

QB - Its here, its happened and theres no looking back. For the first time in a long time we have 3 solid options at QB.

  • M&Ms showed promise last season finishing the season strong and limiting turnovers (safe for a fumble here and there). I for one would be happy to see Moore start in 2012 and watch that deep ball fly.
  • At the beginning of the Off-season, we wanted to sign a veteran pro-bowl QB who had to sit out last year due to injury, and we got just that in (pey-err) David Garrard.. oh yeah- and he can run the ball. Garrard is a baller, a competitor, he's smart and doesnt mind sharing a thing or two with the younger players. I wouldnt mind seeing him start in 2012 and watching him rush in 6+ TDs and 500+ yrds. Look for him to win the starting job.
  • And of course, cannot leave out our 1st round pick- who is a QB....anyone catch that?? Regardless of whether he starts or not in 2012, he will get his reps in.. and we're invested, we took the gamble, this is gonna be our guy, and hopefully for a long long time. I wouldnt mind seeing Tanny start in 2012 and take advantage of some valuable experience to climb the hill.

Offensive weapons! Pumped up about this as well. Bush wants to be the best RB in 2012 and all the power to him! with the improved O-line, he's got a good chance.. Talk about a leader! All he has to do is carry over the highest YPC he had last year, and stay healthy and its his! I know a lot of folks on here arent exactly pumped about D.Thomas, but I can remember when he first came in, was a 1 cut runner and was consistently getting 7 yrds just about every time he touched the ball! Personally, I think watching his running style (north-south) that helped Bush do what he did- go for 4 yrds a carry and not worry about taking it all the way every time (east-west). Lamar Miller and Jerome Messam(too bad he got injured- knee surgery on May 14, in case you hadnt heard) are both interesting prospects and Im curious to see what they can do at the NFL level, as both have playmaker ability.

Miller Bush and Daniel(s),(is there a common theme there? or is it just me.. we gotta come up with somethin for them) can ALL catch the ball to complement our other pass catchers -Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Charles Clay, Anthony Fasano, Clyde Gates. Along with rookies Egnew, Cunningham, Matthews, and a couple UDFA.. All of a sudden theres a crowded room, look for someone to step up as im sure the coaches are.

I think we got a real good pick to man the right side of the line.. Im happy to have that in the rearview, and hopefully we wont have to worry about the Oline for years to come. We were in a decent place before drafting Martin, and now, shiiieet.. The battle starts in the trenches, and we have some scary lines!!

Hard hitters, Bone crushers, Big Bruisers!! Thats defense for ya. Players like Dansby and Burnett, Wilson and Jones!.. thats what Im lookin forward to. I think Coyle was a SOLID addition in the wake of the departing Mike Nolan. I really wanted to keep him and Daboll around, but I understand the business and think that Coyle can do some great things to help out our already solid defense. Sure there's a question mark when it comes to our DBs, but I dont think the coaches would have let Yeremiah Bell be released if they weren't comfortable with the other options at the positions. Yeremiah will be missed, no doubt. I wish him luck in NY as he was one of my favorites. But now he's just somebody that I used to know.

All I really wanna see from the Defense, is more turnovers, and more of this:

All in all Im pleased with all the pieces we have here in Miami, and proud to be a fan in this very exciting time! This is the time of year when anything can happen. Everyone has the same record, and the same chance, but we have something different. We have hope for the future, whether it be this year, or down the road- the road is paved. The pieces are in place, and we have every reason to BELIEVE IN MIAMI!!

Redbeard Longback - OUT

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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