Change for Change Sake?

Hello fellow Fin Fans!

This last year has been interesting to say the least. Below you will see some of the season through the eyes of a changed man.

The lockout... booooooooo!.... really gave the start of the season a sour taste, but we got through and found a way to still have quality football.

The season began quite interestingly. After a silently loud minority of fans began booing Chad Henne at some organized scrimmages and subsequently chanting we want Orton, Henne was able to shrug off the criticism in time to start the season hot against the New England Patriots. While a Win was not in the cards that Chris the God dealt, our Miami Dolphins fought valiantly in a loss giving our fans something to look forward to offensively for the first time in years. The optimism was as short lived with 3 more losses coming in a row with Chad Henne at the helm. But despite Henne seemingly improving in all areas of his game, the losses came and injury wasn't too far behind it.

Matthew William Moore, born August 9, 1984 in Van Nuys, California (just minutes from where I am currently sitting) was thrust into the starting role for our Miami Dolphins week 6 after the fan favorite Chad Henne had the audacity to punish the ground with his mighty shoulder back in week 4. Moore had a rough beginning, but seemed to improve as the year progressed. Mr. Moore took our team from defeated to mostly defeated over the course of the regular season by winning 6 of his last 9 starts to close the season, posting an 87 passer rating, and a 16-9 td-int ratio.

Our Miami Dolphins had became somewhat the laughing stock of the league based on our perfect losing percentage and the Suck for Luck Campaign. With many of our fans beginning to see the bright side of losing, winning became the new losing and the Sucking 4 Luck became the rally cry for many of our most loyal fans. That's when the worst of the worst happened. we won a game... oh me oh my... what are we going to do? Who do we think we are scoring more than the other team? We got to fire that coach before he takes us out of this nice deep whole we have dug ourselves.

So we started winning some games and the suck for luck campaign began losing steam. Many argued that it was a testament to your fan-hood whether you rooted for wins or losses, and others argued that it was not rooting for losses, but finding something to root for if there are losses. A line was drawn and fights ensued. The battle was long and futile. Neither side won the argument and neither would concede defeat. There were many casualties during the struggle. I myself was overtaken by the monkey and Alpha one fateful night in a highway restroom. It was dark, noisy, and smelled of red wine vinegar. After this unwanted advance, I was forced to change my name and assume a new identity. One that is less argumentative, and more open minded towards alternative ways of thinking and that's when the PhinPhinatic was layed to rest. It seemed so simple, combine my first name with my last name's first letter, and shazaam... shauny was born. I was born in Chris the Gods image, so I knew I was destined for greatness.

But I was still lost as a Fin Fan. I didnt know what to think about the upcoming draft or free agency. I was a squirrel without a nut, a TCP without velvetta shells and cheese, and Kevin without a Mosul, a White Monkey without Bacon, a Beaver without a Rec'.... just lost I tell you. That is when Chris the God opened the skies and delivered us all Yakov... king of the Mock Draft to tell us how to think. Without this Yakov, I would have been completely in the dark about who to choose who makes sense for our Miami Dolphins. After Mock Draft #43,890, I finally got it. We should draft a RT...oh wait....I mean a QB to replace the guy who just had a very solid season. Yes, that is it. We should use our top 10 pick to develop a guy who has a hot girlfriend, a great arm, good speed, and a sub par college performance record.

So here we are, May of 2012 getting excited all over again about our beloved Maimi Dolphins and what fortunes may fall upon us this season. We have fans all over the board as far as what we think is best for this team. Are we rebuilding, reloading, or what? Some want to thrust our beloved new and shiny toy, Tanny, into the starter role and see what the kid has. Some want to put our other much older, but equally shiny toy, Garrard, into the starter role. But it seems that many are not interested in letting Mr. Moore continue where he left off. Just to remind you, 6-3, 87 passer rating, and a 16-9 td-int ratio.

So why are we here? Why have you read through all of this nonsense? I'll tell you why, this fanbase has become so frustrated, so infuriated, and so embarrassed over the past decade that many of us have abandoned reasoning and replaced it with short sighted logic in hopes of forcing change. Or what i call Change for Change's sake. I think this team is on the right path. We have a very solid starting qb in Matt Moore who outplayed many of the perceived top guns in the NFL by having a better passer rating, td-int ratio and win/loss record. I am not here to argue that Matt Moore is the Quarterback of the future, our Miami Dolphins have made it quite clear that Ryan Tannehill is that guy. But I am here to argue that Matt Moore is our QB of the present. He proved that he is a capable starter for our Miami Dolphins last season. If he improves on some of his fundamentals, he could be a great QB for us while we develop Tannehill. The worst thing that we could do right now is turn Ryan Tannehill into the next David Carr or Blaine Gabbert by throwing him to the wolves too early.

As far as David Garrard goes, to me, he represents insurance if Moore gets hurt. I really dont believe in my heart of hearts that Ryan Tannehill should start one single regular season game this year regardless of how he performs during practices and the preseason. I really think we should handle him with kid gloves and develop him to be the future of our proud organization. I see no harm in holding back on starting him, only potential benefits.

So to all of you who believe starting a rookie QB day one is a good idea, take a look at what history has shown. There have been some success stories, but many, many more potentials wasted. Even the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, Dan Marino, had to wait until week 6 to replace David "Laying the Wood" Woodley as the starter.

thank you for your time and future criticism.

Shaun Yager

RIP Phinphinatic 2008-2012..



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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