The best of two Offenses

As a fan of both the Bengals and the Dolphins, I thought a fun little experiment would be to make the best possible team out of the players on both offenses as if they merged. While the O will be different, my selections will not be too affected as both team have WRs that fit each other's system.

I will not be creating the depth chart by simply picking the most talented players at each position, but trying to find good "fits", which will be readily apparent in the rest of the depth chart and especially at WR.

Let's begin shall we?

QB: Andy Dalton, Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore

This is a very talented QB stable as we have a 2nd year QB that is playing well, a young gun with high potential and a good vet that can start and actually win some games for you.

HB: Reggie Bush, Bernard Scott, Brian Leonard

FB: Jerome Messam

The Bengal's HB stable frankly is a weakness going into this next season, but if they had a feature back like Bush, they have the parts to run a fine 2 back system. I was tempted to put Leonard as the 2nd string, but he is not as big as a Change of pace guy as one might think. Leonard is great at catching balls in space and making a play after that. This is something I would rather have Bush doing. Scott is a reliable ball carrier with break away speed. Scott could also be a more than adequate PR.

I will have two deoth chart for the WR position because the Bengals have a bunch of very talented rookies and I frankly do not know what they are going to be able to do as of yet.

The rookies play up to their full potential (not li:

SE: Mohamed Sanu, Brian Hartline

FL: A.J. Green, Brandon Tate

Slot 1: Davone Bess/Hartline

Slot 2 / beast: Hawkins

The Rookies only flash and no rookie is able to start (more likely):

SE: Green, Sanu

FL: Hartline, Tate

Slot 1: Bess

Slot 2 / Beast: Andrew Hawkins

Sanu is going to be a really good SE because he is physical and has the ability to climb the ladder. Green is a great flanker or split end, as he is physical, fast and can go up and get the ball. Jones is a very physical WR that could excell at YAC. Tate is a very fast WR that can burn Ds deep and besides from that he is a very good KR. I put Bess above Shipley as a slot because Shipley is coming off an ACL. If Shipley returns to his rookie form, Shipley is more talented. I would like to experiment with Hartline in the slot before I made the final decision, as he could excel when playing against 3rd CB and LBers. Most likely Hartline would lose this battle though because he might not be quick enough for the slot. The reason Shipley did not show up as the second slot is because I wanted Hawkins there for a variety of reasons. Hawkins is a small, but very fast and agile WR that is not afraid of running the ball on a reverse. If properly used, Hawkins could become a threat on screens and simple YAC routes. The slot suits him perfectly as he would not have to fight off jams as often. Do not confuse the lack of Dolphins on this roster with a total lack of talent. The Bengals have a log jam at WR because of the draft and a few WRs will get cut that would make most teams.

What would be most likely is that one of the Bengals plays like a ttrue #2 WR and competes with Hartline to play that position.

TE: Jermaine Gresham, Michael Egnew, Charles Clay, Orson Charles

I expect great things from Egnew this season, but he is unproven and Gresham is a proven TE. This position is primed to be good for both teams.

LT: Jake Long, Andre Smith

LG: Kevin Zeitler

C: Mike Pouncey, Kyle Cook

RG: Richie Incognito, John Jerry

RT: Jonathan Martin,

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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