Yet Another Keen Objective Viewpoint..

Oh snap did I just spell out YAKOV? thats right- Draft talk.. HAHAAAA

This is gonna rub some people the wrong way, but if it plays out, you can consider yourself prepared. Im talkin QB right now. The Big one. The one eeeveryone wants. Hate to burst your bubble, but it wont happen this year. Im not going to pretend to have some "inside source" or "special ability to see into the future" so keep in mind I could be wrong.. But I dont think we are gonna draft a QB this year. There you have it. Now, before you tie me to the stake and light the matches, hear me out.

We currently have 3 Qbs on the roster, M&Ms, David Garrard, and Pat Devlin. Now if the coaching staff doesnt like of them then I guess this post is relatively moot and I could see us taking one in the draft. But I dont think they would draft a 1st/2nd rnd QB just to stash him on the practice squad. M&Ms and DG will compete for the starting role and the other will be back up. Thats where this post is coming from. You could look at it like Joe Philbin was brought in to keep us from signing Flynn the same way Sherman was brought in to keep us drafting Tannehill if you will. Im just sayin, dont be surprised if it doesnt happen.

So the next logical step is to draft the need we haven't addressed. Pass rush. Im hoping we pick up a Von Miller(2), Aldon Smith(7), Jason Pierre-paul(15) caliber player, and picking at 8 we can. Whoever that may be- Ingram, Coples, Upshaw, Perry.. im not a scout by any means and cant be certain who will pan out and who wont. If we can trade down and pick him up, then by all means. So theres round 1.. forget about QB unless they are for some reason unpleased with M&Ms or Garrard.

Round 2, I could see us going playmaker.. Either TE or some WR they fall in love with. Kinda like last year when we traded up for thomas. Altho I really like Fasano, and REALly like Big-playClay.. We didnt re-sign not-so-sexy-lexy hilliard might mean we plan on using Big-playClay more in the backfield in the FB roll, in which case would make perfect sense to draft a difference maker at TE. Fleener, Charles, or Allen are all prospects I would be happy with.

In terms of WR, I only see us selecting one that we have a big crush on. Other than that, because of the serious depth at the position and the number of WRs typically drafted, I can see us taking 1 in the draft, and a coupla UDFA.. unless of course Blackmon falls to us, or the man-crush, I dont see us taking one early this year. I wouldnt be surprised if we traded down in the 2nd round either considering all of the mid round talent that can be had, and am surprised I havent seen a scenario like that in any of the mocks.

Round 3. I see us going back to the defense here. Maybe someone like a cam Johnson or Emmanuel Acho.. both I really like. Since we've addressed(kind of) both DB positions we lost this year I dont see us selecting a CB or S high in the draft, maybe in the lower rounds for depth.

3b. With the next one I would go for OL.. Philbin and Sherman having a history with the OL, and will probably want to get someone who matches their mold for offensive linemen.. I dont know what that is, but I bet the packers do. So I could see them addressing it here, and possibly in the 4th as well. I would much rather that than addressing it in the 1st and 2nd.

Everything else (5-7) is the D&D rounds- Diamonds and Depth!! When I asked my inner magic 8 ball, this is what it told me. Whether its broken or just high remains to be seen. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out this way, and if you've read this far, than thank you, and you shouldnt be surprised either. So when were on the clock and Roger isnt shaking the hand of Miamis next franchise quarterback and you start a riot, it wont be because your surprised. Or will he? What do you think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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