Mock Draft 1.0

Trade down with Cowboys for 2nd rounder
1. Nick Perry - DE
There is no huge value for the Dolphins at the #8 pick that fills an immediate need, so trading down makes a ton of sense here. Dallas's needs are CB, OG, LB and DT. At spot #8, that will give the Cowboys a ton of options and in return the Dolphins get a 2nd round pick. I just don't see the Dolphins drafting Tannehill in the 1st round. Jeff Ireland sticks to a strict set of rules learned by Parcells and one of those rules is that the QB's you draft have to have at least 30 starts. Tannehill has 18. That's way to risky for a 1st round prospect. I believe the Dolphins offense is a lot closer to being better than people think. If the o-line can show improvement this year and give Matt Moore more time to find the open man, it will show immediate benefits. To me, the Dolphins have to beat Tom Brady to make the playoffs. And the way you beat Tom Brady is with a pass rush. You don't try to beat him by outscoring him, you play to his weakness. Perry will immediately start opposite Cameron Wake and perfectly fits Ireland's mold of DE's. He arguably has the most explosion out of any DE in this draft so will be a great pass rusher. He's perfect for Miami's system which will continue to use a hybrid defense. Has good body control. Plays fast, goes hard. How can you not select this kid?

2. Brandon Weeden - QB
Ignore the age. Brandon Weeden will be a day-one starter in 2013. He may even play some games this year depending on how the season goes. Justin Blackmon is considered one of the elite 6 in this year's draft, but I think it's more that Weeden made Blackmon look good rather than Blackmon making Weeden looking good. He's not the most athletic QB, but is adequate enough. He has ideal size and arm strength you want in a QB. The thing that really sells me on Weeden is that he was RARELY ever sacked. For not being such an athletic QB and having a below average o-line at Oklahoma State, you'd have to wonder how that's possible. But you have to credit his ability to throw the ball into tight window, have great confidence in his arm and great leadership to communicate with his teammates. Did I also mention he defeated every top ranked QB in the draft this year? Depending on his draft grade, maybe even the Dolphins select him in the first round and select Andre Branch 2nd round. Whichever way they go, they gotta get Weeden. Age doesn't matter. He can still give them a good 7-10 years which is more than you can ever ask for. Draft the kid for crying out loud Jeff Ireland!

2. Chris Givens - WR
Before the beginning of free agency this year, nobody ever would've expected the Dolphins to be drafting a WR this early. But with Brandon Marshall gone and Philbin trying to implement a WCO, or at least some form of it, you gotta add pieces that fit his mold. In comes Chris Givens. 6'0" 195 lbs fits Philbin's size mold to a tee. He's smart, quick, agile, productive, creates separation. More importantly has great yards after the catch ability. Healthy throughout his whole college career. Seems too good to be true!

3. Brandon Boykin - CB
As everybody knows, Jeff Ireland places a huge emphasis on CB's. Sean Smith becomes a free agent next year so they need to start developing and adding depth at the position for the future. Boykin is extraordinarily athletic with explosive speed. Surprisingly physical. very versatile player as he can also play RB, slot receiver, kick returner and nickel CB. Has smooth hips and his footwork is possibly his best trait which is close to impossible to teach. He may not necessarily be a day 1 starter, but has a very high ceiling and will immediately contribute on special teams.

3. Senio Kelemente - OG
Versatile player has even played defensive tackle and left tackle. His short arms make him ideal for left/right guard, possibly even Center. There's nothing not to like about Kelemente. Very physical player. Two-time team captain. Will be well suited for Philbin's zone-blocking scheme because of his athleticism. Phin Phans haven't really been talking about Kelemente, but they should start now.

4. Tom Compton - OT
The Dolphins double down on the o-line. Has great size and frame for an o-linemen with long arms. Strong. Physical. Nasty. Coaches will love his power and grit. Has some great athletic traits. Compton can play right tackle or guard...two huge areas of need for the Phins. Run blocking is a huge strength of his. And another huge bonus is that he's a two-time team captain. Can never have enough leaders on the field. Only knock on him is he had knee surgery, but is worth the risk.

5. Junior Hemingway - WR
Could be the diamond in the rough of this draft. Built like a running back at 6'1" 225lb. He's best at catching in traffic. Has great stats to back him up. There's nothing outstanding about this kid, but he's a darn good football player and there's just something about him that's intriguing. I see him lasting in the NFL for a while.

6. Olivier Vernon - OLB
Double down on pressure players. Potential is immense. Flashes the burst off the snap. Has NFL caliber size and athleticism, but needs developing. His suspension is likely what's driving down his draft stock but to the benefit of the Phins. Small risk and huge potential reward.

7. Bobby Rainey - RB
He's a text book workhorse running back. Good elusive running skills. Most scouts knock his size at 5'7" 208 lbs but he's surprisingly powerful for that frame. He's durable, good blocker, strong stiff-arms. And has kick return ability. He may not be a between-the-tackles kind of RB, but I believe he has potential to be a nice find. The reason his draft stock is so low is because he'll be 25 in his rookie season. The Dolphins already have 4 RB's on their roster but they usually have 5. If the they can get a good 3-5 years out of him at a discount rookie price...that's a heck of an investment.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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