Yea I know another Mock Draft, Trust Me Though A Good Read

Well I won't keep you guys waiting but I do want to mention one thing. I won't be putting a Safety in because in the last few hours we signed a new young Saftey so... Yea enjoy.

Round 1- Melvin Ingram- I know a lot of you are on the Tannehill train, but I'm not sure about him. I mean there are other QBs with more experience then him and can throw the ball hard as well. I just think missing out on a guy like this is to costly. With the kind of strength and Talent he has it will be hard to find someone like him in the other rounds. Yes, I am aware his arms are short but his strength, speed, and versatility really make up for it. I can see him running circles around the Bills, Jets, Patriots, etc. O-line. By all means though if Blackmon is still here take him without a dought. But I really like Ingram here.

Round 2- Coby Fleener- Now I'm not sure if he will make it out of the first, but IF he does Fasano really isn't cutting it and it would be great to have someone back there with his strength combined with Quickness. A perfect weapon for Moore/Garrard and I think has a bright future. Although if he does get taken by Houston or some unexpected person than Orson Charles would be the next best option. I really like Fleener thOugh because of his 6'6" height and 250 weight that is a tough target to tackle.

Round 3a)- Tommy Streeter- Since we have back to back picks it doesn't matter the order of these two. First off I say we take Streeter because being 6'5" with his type of speed is phenomenal. I noticed in a lot of games when deep in the red zone THIS was who you would trow it to. He was a huge target on all Slants, Crossing Routes, "Hail Marys", and Goaline Fades. This guy is a great prospect out of The U and I think will make a great target for Moore/Garrard.

Round 3b)- Kirk Cousins- Now is when we Swope in and snatch Cousins for are QB of the future, future, future(fading away voice). He shows great arm strentgth and has twice as much experience then Tannehill. His ability to see coverages breaking down makes him a STEAL at #9. Don't waste the first on Tannehill when you got someone like Cousins who will be lingering in the third. Great QB prospect.

Round 4- Zebrie Sanders- Yea, this guy is out of the dreaded FSU but we shall not pass him up. Being in need of a RT/RG this fuy has the strength to push back at any obstacle. Besides he would be a HUUGGEE upgrade from Columbo, besides a stuffed animal could block better than Columbo. Zebrie will definetly help ou on the right side and will give Moore/Garrard some breathing room.

Round 5- Lamichael James- WHAT A STEAL!!! It's great that his stock has dropped so that we have the opportunity to get him. Sure, we have three running backs already but Thomas and Reggie were both injured last year and Lamicheal has the potential of Reggie and paired up with Slaton or whoever would be a great one-two punch.

Round 6- BPA, maybe another Tackle?

Round 7- Brandon Marshall- Pretty good OLB especially for the Seventh round so why not?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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