What do you call a wide receiver that can't receive?

Don't give me examples...If your answer is CB, you prove my point. A WR that can't catch the ball is ABSOLUTELY no good to you on offense. In fact, they have a negative value to your offense.

I was initially upset because I really wanted Tommy Streeter or Marvin McNutt. When they drafted a guy I had not heard of(BJ Cuningham) I was a little let down. Then I looked at the video. I can tell from the 2 WRs we drafted late, this coaching staff puts a huge premium of WRs that can CATCH the ball well. When a WR doesn’t catch the ball it is a waste of a down. Last year, we wasted an awful lot of downs, which is partly why we didn’t score more points.

It also makes sense why they got rid of Marshall, he just plain dropped too many balls to fit in their offense. They don't neccessarily need big WRs or fast WRs. They need WRs with the ability to run good routes, and CATCH the ball routinely. The short passing game in the West Coast offense is an extension of the running game. Guys like Reggie Bush will do what they do best. We will give them the ball in space and let them make plays.

The WRs in a WCO get open because of the system and because they are running good crisp routes.

They don't need to be taller, in fact that can be a hinderance because taller WRs aren't built to make crisp cuts. The reason? When they drop their hips to change direction, they just have farther to drop. I think at some point we will pick up a taller WR, but I don't think they see it with the same urgency that we do. It would be another mismatch to throw at them, once we have everything else in place. The WRs we need right now just need to be able to run better routes than the players covering them. The goal is to create natural mismatches, by sending out 5 guys on routes, and knowing based on the matchup who is the most likely one to be open. It is a progression read system, and Philbin and Sherman know how to teach the QB who will be open and when to throw it.

Its all about mismatches.

A RB being covered by a LB is a mismatch. Anytime a LB has to cover Reggie Bush you can chalk that up as 5 yards, as long as we can make that catch routinely. A 6'6" TE running down the middle of the field is a mismatch against almost ANYONE. He is a mismatch against a LB because they are probably not as tall as him, and are also probably not quick enough to keep up with him. If they put a guy like Mario Williams on him that is both big and can move... AWESOME... that means he isn't trying to kill your QB, and there is more time for someone else to get open. A 6'6" TE is also a mismatch against a 5'11" CB, all the QB needs to do is throw it high and let him go get it.

A WR that runs a good route will get open, because the route is made to do that.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Gruden QB camp with Ryan Tannehill featured below. One thing that caught my interest was at 22:21 when Gruden starts talking about a Dino route that Texas A&M ran. He mentioned that he used to make Jerry Rice run a "dino" route against press man coverage. After Jerry asked him why he was making him run a "dino" against press man coverage, Gruden responded, because we don't really know how to do it.

I guess he figured if anyone could figure out how to run that route effectively, it would be Jerry Rice. He also mentioned that they didn't have good success running it in games. Tannehill then mentions that they call that route Fuller ran a "quick Dino" meaning that instead of taking 3 steps to the shake like in the normal Dino route, the WR would only take 1 step to the shake, allowing the route to work in a tight space(like in press man or on the goal line). Gruden then comments that because of the concepts Tannehill was learning in college he would be ready to step right into a pro system.

In conclusion... its all about the superior system we are going to run.

Don't get caught up that we don't have the biggest or most talented receivers. The system we run will make the most of what we have. Guys like Charles Clay, Reggie Bush, Michael Egnew, Anthony Fasano, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Clyde Gates, Daniel Thomas, B.J. Cunningham will all present different matchup nightmares for the teams we face.

Let's discuss below

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