Michael Egnew and Jermichael Finley

Alright, I wanted to see how Egnew, coming out of college, compared to Jermichael Finley, coming out of college. Both guys were receivers in high school and made the move to tight end in college. Egnew played for 4 years while Finley played for two. Egnew put up a little more production in a 2 year span than Finley did (1,285 yds vs. Finley's 947 yds). Egnew put up a faster 40 than Finley (Egnew - 4.62s vs Finely at his pro day - 4.66s). Egnew comes in at 6'5" and 252lbs, and Finley comes in at 6'5" and 243lbs, so Egnew is a little bigger. Coming out, Finley was regarded as extremely athletic, but a raw player especially when it came to route running and blocking. He also had a penchant for drops as he still does. Egnew, on the other hand, is not only extremely athletic, but polished as a route runner and has good hands. He is not a blocker and I don't understand why people (in particular "draft experts") keep saying that it will stop him from seeing the field; that he's a developmental guy. He's not meant to be a blocker and he will be adequate if he just gets in a defender's way. But, back to the point, Egnew looks like he is a better prospect than Finley. To recap, Egnew is bigger, faster, more athletic, and more polished than Finley coming out of college. However, despite the numbers and scouting reports, Finley looks much more explosive than Egnew even in his college days.

Combine measurements


40 yard dash: 4.62 s
Vert. Jump: 36"
Broad Jump: 10'11" (Egnew improved to 11'03" at his pro day)
20 yard shuttle: 4.32 s
3-cone drill: 7.03 s
225 Lb. bench reps: 21


40 yard dash: 4.82 s (Finley improved to 4.66 at his pro day)
Vert. Jump: 27 1/2"
Broad Jump: 09'09"
20 yard shuttle: 4.38 s
3-cone drill: 7.15 s
225 Lb. bench reps: 20

Egnew was the 78th overall pick and Finley was the 91st overall pick.

Egnew is somebody to be excited about in the Dolphins' new look offense. He should be utilized similarly to Finley in the Packers' offense, but we will have to wait and see if Egnew will have a Finley-type impact on the offense. He's definitely one guy to keep an eye on.

Michael Egnew - Mackey Award Semifinalist (via mutigersdotcom)

Jermichael Finley Highlight Video 2006 Season (via mattadk)

Jermichael Finley 2009 Highlights (via titletowngbp)

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