Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft Third Round Pick Michael Egnew Media Availability

Missouri Tigers tight end Michael Egnew was selected in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins. Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Dolphins have released the transcript of third round 2012 NFL Draft pick Michael Egnew's media availability following his selection last night. The team had previously released transcripts from second round pick Jonthan Martin and third round pick Olivier Vernon.

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Here is Egnew's transcript:

Miami Dolphins Third Round Selection Michael Egnew Transcript

(On the type of TE he envisions himself as in the NFL) - "I definitely see myself as a pass catching tight end, but I'm through and through a blocker as well. I just want to go and learn everything that I can and be the best I can for my team."

(On if he considered leaving school a year earlier after former Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert left) - "Not at all. I love my team at Mizzou. I'm all about my teammates. I stuck around for those guys and I wanted and helped them get another winning season."

(On which NFL tight end his game resembles) - "I'd say I resemble a little bit of Jimmy Graham and Gronkowski (NE tight end)."

(On what events he participated in during High School Track) - "I did the long jump, the triple jump and the high jump, and also the sprint relay."

(On what he thinks he needs to work on the most to succeed at the next level) - "Well I'm just going to come in and learn everything I can and develop all the skills that I already have. I will conform to be whatever tight end I am needed to be to help my team win."

(On the reasons behind his decline in numbers from two seasons ago) - "Our team had a different skill set, from our quarterbacks, running backs...had really good running backs. Our whole offense was torqued just a little bit which is the way I liked it actually. I got to get down and do a little more blocking. The team really developed really well with a different style than we had normally been running."

(On if he felt that way even those his reception total went down) - "You know I really did (prefer that style) because we spread the ball a little bit more to our running backs. I felt like we were more joined as a team."

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