BPA List By Position (IMO)

I thought I would put together a BPA list by postion for rounds 4-7. This list is my opinion of what I've seen in person, watched in games, or I've researched. I will also put a Number next to each representing what order I like them. That order is based mainly on BPA and Need, but, in some cases might represent value. I won't do QBs or OTs. One is enough for those positions. LOL. CBs and Safetys I will list as DBs and I wont list them all. Just my top 10. Here is to great finish to what looks like a great draft so far for our team. There are a lot of great players left so we should get some great value.


1. J. Criner--#1---5th

2. M. Jones--#2---5th

3. C. Givens--#4---4th

4. M. McNutt--#7---6th

5. D. Wylie--#17---4th

6. J. Hemingway--#18---7th

7. T. Streeter--#25---6th


1. J. Crick--#3---4th

2. C. Johnson--#8---7th

3. J. Massaquoi--#16---5th

4. J. Blatnick--#27---UDFA Signed

5. F. Alexander--#30---4th

6. M. Jackson--#35---5th


1. A. Ta'Amu--#5---4th

2. J. Howard--#15---4th

3. M. Forston--#23---UDFA Signed

4. B. Roy--#38---UDFA Signed

5. L. Harnell--#42

6. R. Cameron--#43---UDFA Signed


1. L. Green--#11---4th

2. J. Hanna--#34---6th


1. P. Blake--#9---4th

2. D. Molk--#22---7th

3. Q. Saulsberry--#29---UDFA Signed

4. C. Anzevino--#40---UDFA Signed


1. L. Nix--#12---UDFA Signed

2. B. Washington--#13---6th

3. A. Gettis--#36---5th

4. W. Blackwell--#41---UDFA Signed


1. R. Lewis--#10---4th

2. V. Burfict--#20---UDFA Signed

3. J.M. Johnson--#31---4th

4. K. Robinson--#32---4th


1. J. Norman--#6---5th

2. C. Minnifield--#14---UDFA Signed

3. O. Bolden--#19---4th

4. C. Harris--#21---UDFA Signed

5. M. Martin--#24---6th

6. B. Boykin--#26---4th

7. A. Dennard--#28---7th

8. C. Sensabaugh--#33---4th

9. A. Henry--#37---UDFA Signed

10. R. Steed--#39---UDFA Signed

I'm pretty sure none of the guys listed have been picked. IIRC. U can tell me in the comments if someone has been picked. An like I said this list is just my opinion. An in some cases I ranked them a little higher if they fit a position of need. If you are looking at OTs. McCants and Compton would be good choses. Joe Long would be a nice pick up also. I wouldn't expect anymore O-Line in the Draft until our last 6th and our final 7th. We have 4 starters on the O-Line right now. Our 4th round pick should be a WR or Crick. Our 5th rounder should be a WR or BPA at CB. The 6th and 7th rounder should be Low Risk/High reward guys.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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