Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft Second Round Pick Jonathan Martin Media Availability

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 29: Offensive tackles Jonathan Martin #54 and Cameron Fleming #73 of the Stanford Cardinal celebrate after the game with the USC Trojans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on October 29, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Stanford won 56-48 in three overtimes. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Following his selection by the Miami Dolphins in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, offensive tackle Jonathan Martin conducted a brief media availability. The Miami Dolphins have released the transcript from Martin's question and answer session:


(On being happy to come to Florida) - "Yeah, real excited (laughing)."

(On have you visited Florida before) - "Yeah, I was down there for the Orange Bowl."

(On who called you to break the news) - "Jeff Ireland called me and put me on in front of all the coaches, told me that they were going to take me."

(On what was your reaction once you found out Miami selected you) - "I'm about to see my name across the screen in a couple minutes here. It will hit me in a second."

(On which position did you play, left or right tackle) - "Played the left for three years, started 37 games, played (in) 39 on the left side. I haven't played right tackle, but I have the ability to play right tackle."

(On how does it feel to get your name called by a Hall of Famer, Dwight Stephenson) - "It's amazing. I'm just so excited to be a member of the Miami Dolphins. It's a dream come true. It's an amazing city, an amazing fan base, an amazing history on the team and I can't wait to get down there and work."

(On how much pre-draft contact did you have with the Miami Dolphins) - "Not much, I talked to them at the combine, but I really didn't talk to them much after that. I'm just excited."

(On being okay to play at right tackle instead of left tackle) - "Absolutely, I'm so excited to play the opposite of him. He's going to be a Hall of Fame left tackle. He's someone I model my game after for years. I've been a fan. I'm excited to play. I'll play left. I'll play right, wherever the team needs me."

(On what type of blocking scheme did Stanford utilize) - "Yeah, we did zone. We did power. We did a lots of different blocking schemes."

(On being comfortable with zone blocking) - "Yes, I am."

(On how tough was it not to see your name selected last night) - "At the time, it's frustrating. I can't lie to myself and say it wasn't, but I'm so excited right now. I finally have the pressure off my back. I'm happy to be in Miami and I really don't think it could have worked out any better for me."

(On how did blocking for Andrew Luck help your development) - "I think it helps you learn how to play with the spotlight on you. Playing with the back to back Heisman finalist, the best quarterback in Stanford history, being on the national stage for the last couple of games. I think it really prepared you really well for the NFL."

(On how did you end up at Stanford) - "I saw what Coach (Jim) Harbaugh did with the program. I saw the energy that he was bringing and I just wanted to be a part of that and I wanted to play in BCS bowl games. I wanted to be in the national championship. I think I've accomplished all those goals while there at Stanford."

(On what does it say about the program with four players from Stanford were selected in the first two rounds) - "I think it's a real testament to where we come from. We were 1-11 not too long ago. We didn't have anyone drafted for maybe two years and now we have four guys in the first two rounds is amazing."

(On what was your major if you were not preparing to play football) - "I haven't really thought about that. My goal all along has been to get to the NFL. To compete on the greatest stage on Earth. I'm majoring in Classics, but that's something I'll think about after football what I'm going to do."

(On what do you mean by Classics, is it Literature) - "No, history, ancient Greek and Roman History."

(On when was the last time you played right tackle) - "Played a little bit in high school. I played strong tackle. Both sides. I haven't played in college much, maybe a couple snaps. But I can play either one."

(On where are you watching the draft, are you home) - "At my home."

(On how many people are there) - "Yeah, a lot of people going crazy (laughing)."

(On an estimate of how many people are there) - "Just some family and friends, not too many, maybe 15."

(On what did playing for Jim Harbaugh did in preparing you for the NFL) - "I think being in a pro style offense helps you a lot. You get use to having the big playbooks. You make adjustments on the run. We have a bunch of different plays every time we break the huddle so to be able to deal with all that prepared you well."

(On meeting Owner Stephen Ross or General Manager Jeff Ireland at the Orange Bowl) - "No, I didn't."

(On your intelligence being your strength) - "I think definitely. Like I said, just having to deal with that large playbook. I think it really sets you up well."

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