There are DolFans everywhere !

Yesterday I visited with two different people that are involved with The Phinsider while here in the Austin area. One was planned and the other was more impromptu. I got to thinking today after I finished riding my bike,...Dolfans are everywhere. Many of us like them because of historically significance, geographically, payer specific or The Marino Effect. However, many of us are from anywhere but Miami. Where the Dolphins haven't performed as we may have liked, they do have a lot of fans,.....and in a lot of different places.

To meet Kevin, or Mosul, we had to travel 70+ minutes North to the Killeen where him, my Wifey, and myself had lunch. Prior to meeting anyone that I have only communicate electronically is a bit different, and you wonder how the online person is going to match the person in front of you. It didn't take me to draw a favorable conclusion. The uni was cool, but when somebody buys two separate phone covers as to switch out the colors to make it two-tuned Dolphin specific,....that's using your head and I like it. We ate, chatted getting to know each other, and had a real nice visit for the better part of 90 minutes. During that time I asked about his Dolphin history, family,army stuff, and of course,....The Phinsider. I was interested to know that Kevin's 7 year old Son likes the Dolphins, his parents listen to the podcast from Orlando, and that he hopes to make it to the season opener in Houston. On a side note about that game,....IT'S HUGE ! What I would give to still be in the area and hitting that game. You wanna know the reason why ??? We've never beat them, probably will be a huge underdog, and we need to give them some road support ! That scenario calls to me, however that road game I'll take a pass on while I'm eyeing a couple others. Back to lunch with Kevin. The time seemed to fly by, my Wife enjoyed herself, lunch was good, and I can confirm that Kevin is "good people". My hope is to one day take in a game with him ( and family ), that would be fun.


I was tired when I got back to my hotel, but checked the Phinsider MM post. I was contacted by another person from Phinsider who lives here locally. I said he was going to out shooting pool in his league tonight until 10:30 or 11:00 and I should stop out. Since I had just had a night "out" I didn't know if I was up for it. I grabbed a nice power nap, had dinner out (that was excellent), and decided to take him up on his offer.

Funny thing is, my middle name is Edward ( named after my Grandfather, who's nickname is "Fast Eddie") and the pool hall was named Fast Eddie's,......go figure.


Kris, the Phinsider in question, admits he reads daily but rarely comments, which is OK.

Like I mention to Kevin, I bet there are plenty more DolFans that just read the site yet have never signed up. Don't be shy, don't have to do a fan post of fan shot if you don't want to ( but it's allowed ), however a comment here and there is not a bad thing and ( I think ) highly encouraged.

Kris a Texas native has loved the Dolphins since he was young due to The Marino Effect, and has never swayed. Having no other DolFans in his circle he is a subscriber to The NFL ticket via his computer and has traveled to Miami for a game once before. To me, being born & bred in the vicinity of Austin, TX and being a hardcore DolFan speaks volumes. While hanging out Kris I learn that he is also an accomplished pool player that play 3x per week. Doing so he has qualified for a pool tournament in Las Vegas where he leaves this Wednesday. Needless to say he's pretty excited about that and I hope he does well,....or even wins it. He also indicated he is thinking about going to Houston. I hope he does. Hanging with him was too cool, as we seemed to lov'em thru thick & thin disposition regarding the Dolphins and I was able to gain good Austin insight on the area. Without meeting him I probably would have blown off taking the opportunity to ride my bike in the area, which is a very biker friendly community. That would have had me pissed off. His tip led to me mapping out a 38 mile ride from my hotel which I rode this morning.

Kris and I had a good time as well. And he tells me that he enjoys my posts and the antics of M.M. This is something that amazes me as I never thought my involvement with the Phinsider and its members could have ever grown into what it has become. I an't complaining,.....and I am humbled. Ya know,.....its all about watching the Fins on Sundays ! A few beers and a bunch of chit/chat later it was time to call it a night. Kris's signature pose is his rendition of the "The Thinker", complete w/ M.M., and the #1 and #3 balls.

In a Phinsider exclusive, I give you our guy in Austin, TX,........Kris.


Good times !

I mentioned a bike ride. This it is.

And it took 2.5 hours and kicked my ass ! Funny Wife, she took a picture as I walked in the room and sat down.

Wanna see what and old, fat, tired alpha male looks like ? This ain't pretty,....LOL


The camera adds 10 LBS,......I think. Sick.

After lunch another power nap was needed today too. I got up to see that I was messaged from yet another DolFan via Facebook that I met at a game in Miami this last season. Somehow he is related to Nick "Phinstone" from The Deep End and got to make it to a game and sit with us last season. He too is in the Austin area. Although we were not able to meet up, it was still cool that he knew I was here and reached out to me.

The Wifey and I made it out to 6th St on more time for a 90 minute stay. We had slice of pizza and were just walking around whenI saw this,....I had to get a picture with him.


My man here tells me that he is not a Dolphin fan, but a Saints fan. He goes on to same he likes football and has a lot of different jerseys, this being one of them. I still had to get a picture, random is that ???

It's true,...there are DolFans everywhere. And,...a new coaching regime with the upcoming draft has to give way to some level of optimism for the upcoming season. A grade "A" draft, a solid training camp & pre-season, finding a hidden gem (or two),....and who knows !!! Get ready,....cause here we go again,...


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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