Mock Draft Xtreme Addition

Alright, well I was watching some clips of Tannehill, and yes he is good BUT would be lucky to get drafted in the second. I just think that our QB craving is pushing us a little to far and we might be in this position next year. There are other options at QB also many other people who deserve a first over Tannehill. We are worrying to much when Cousins, Oswieler, heck maybe even Moore could preform better than Tannehill, and notice how all of these listed QB's have more experience. Yea he has a big arm but, I just really don't think he is worth it. Instead of checking down to the TE I saw in some of his games he would give a ridiculos throw into double/triple covered Recievers. Or, the scariest thing, was when pressure started to enclose him in the pocket he threw a ball right into the hands of the lineman for no reason! It was first down just take the sack, or throw it away. He is a good player just not a #8 worthy player especially with the others. Anyway I'll just get to the Mock.

Round 1- I think we take either Riley Rieff who was fantastic at Iowa and as we all know we must get Rid of Columbo I'm not sure but I would say 1/2 to 3/4 of the sacks came from HIS side last season. If we don't pick him up I would really like getting Melvin Ingram because of his size, speed, and strength he will definetly take some attention away from Wake. (Side Note) if Blackmon is somehow still available take him with out a dought.

Round 2- IF we don't take Ingram then we pick up Andre Branch. One, because then NE wouldn't get to take him. And Two, he would be our only above average DE left in the draft. If we dont draft Ingram then we should take Harrison Smith, he does need some tackling work with wrapping up but that can easily be fixed. As we all know we have a big hole at safety after releasing Bell and Harrison could easily fill it up. Obviously if Barron is still there then we take him, but I don't think he will get past the first.

Round 3a)- TAKE STREETER!!! This guy is huge, fast, and extremely physical. Especially on the goal line, we had a lot of problems scoring TD's inside the five and Streeter's height allows a great fade route runner. He is also very coordinated and can skillfully get both feet in bounds while in the corner of the end zone. His size and speed will most importantly intimidate all CBs in the NFL. The Jets will have to put him on Regis island, or else.

Round 3b)- NOW we can take a QB and I have Cousins in mind. He made a record for wins at MSU and has the arm strength for deep passes. Plus he has a full college career as being a QB, NOT a WR as well and just knows the ways of the QB. Cousins is a great propect and after a year behind Garrard and Moore he could be the QB we are looking for.

Round 4- Lamichael James- VERY explosive RB and will be a steal in the fourth round. He was extremely fast and can make his cuts in a blink. As we all saw the Dolphins were eventually down to Steve Slaton as our RB because Thomas had a Hamstring and Reggie had some foot issue. So it would be good to have someone just as explosive as Reggie when Bush does get hurt.

Round 5- Josh Chapman, he will add some good depth to ou DT position and can wreak Havok on an O-Line.

Round 6 and 7- BPA perhaps a CB and Kellen Moore

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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