Dolphins New Logo Concept. With Poll.

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Just a thought for a potential new logo in 2013. First off, I am not looking for new anything in 2013 but Paul Dee is going to explore such options. So without further ado here is the concept I've put together. PS. At least this isn't another mock draft.


Okay, first off the idea behind this production. If we are going to change up our logo then the departure should address some issues while at the same time not stray too far from what we have which (While not some great refined logo) is a classic yet modernized logo. The general feel I see is that fans want 1 of 2 things. Either blow the thing up and going with some complete deviation from what we have had since 1966. The other is update what we have to clean up some issues that some fans have with the current logo.

Some issues include:

The navy color and updated teal look too dark. Either dump the navy or minimize it while lightening up the aqua OR just lighten up the aqua.

The Dolphin looks too cartoon-y. Either leave this be, try to make the Dolphin more life-like OR go all Guy Harvey on this thing.

Why isn't the Dolphin wearing a Dolphins helmet? Infinite Dolphin loop aside, it does seem strange to be wearing a helmet with just an M on it. It looks more like an NCAA helmet but we are supposed to be a premier NFL franchise. Either put a Dolphins helmet on the Dolphin and cause an infinite space time paradox loop of Dolphin logos or eliminate the helmet altogether.

Why not go retro? What's old is new again. Looking at teams that have gone from atrocious uniforms to great uniforms is evident with teams like Buffalo and the Florida Panthers standing in stark contrast to Seattle and the Miami Marlins. The key difference between teams like Buffalo and Tampa Bay (When they dumped Buccaneer Bruce) is what are you leaving behind. The Tampa teams (Throw in the "Devil" Rays) had terrible logos and uniforms that could only be improved. Buffalo had a classic look that they kept altering until they ended up with those ugly unis they sported up until this past season. While I am fine with our uniforms (As are many) I would love to see some throwbacks (A la thanksgiving in Dallas in 2003).

So what to do here? How about we incorporate as much as possible to meet everyone's desires? Obviously no logo will satisfy everyone since not everyone agrees on what is needed. I wanted to keep the basic premise of our logo but update it. This meant starting with a more realistic looking Dolphin (My computer art skills are limited so I couldn't do color gradients. I wanted to keep and update the helmet but what to do about that M? How about we put a Dolphins logo on there but not 1 that will create an infinite dolphin loop? We can use a classic logo and get an updated Dolphin while celebrating the heritage of the team (Addresses 3 out of 4 issues listed above).

Aqua, teal, whatever you want to call it it is our color. It has to be retained so Aqua is in but let's lighten it up to hearken back to the glory days. Orange or coral is a founding color and should be retained as well in my mind if possible. Since I wanted to keep the sun, the orange goes nowhere. Now what about that navy? Well, I want a more realistic Dolphin so gray should find its way into the new logo. This would create an overly busy logo if the navy gets retained so I dumped the navy accents and went with aqua accents on a gray Dolphin.

The look. What kind of face should be here? 2D or 3D? I couldn't decide between a meaner face or an arrogant confident face. The one on the left is the confident face while the angry Dolphin is on the right. I thought the quickest way to modernize the logo while keeping it classic would be to give it a more 3 dimensional look.

The Positioning. Since I am keeping the sunburst I had to determine where the Dolphin should be related to the sun. Early on the Dolphin was predominantly set low on the sunburst and then it was elevated to its current position. I wanted to meet in the middle so I kept the Dolphin forward on the sun (You are playing the Dolphins not the suns after all) but moved it downward. It's not like the Dolphin is jumping 60 feet in the air so it lines up with the mid day sun. This sounds kind of depressing in hindsight given our lack of prime time games.

The Sun. I wanted to update the sunburst but really struggled with how to go about it. I decided to alternate the rays while adding some to meet the middle ground between what we had before 1997 and what we have had since.

So thought, comments, critiques, fire and pitch forks. Please let me know.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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