Xtreme Mock Draft 3.0 Schedule Rush Edition! 9 Days Till Draft!

MAN IM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! I'm loving our schedule and am biting my fingernails waiting for the draft! SO INTENSE. My girlfriend keeps asking why I'm so hyped up Lol. I literally considered trying to sleep till draft Day Lol again! Ok... Got that outa my system I'm all good know guys. Anyway the last two mocks have been random and then Fan Fav. But tonight I will give my opinion on the draft that I would LOVE to see. Alright here goes nothin'.

Round 1- Quentin Coples- Man do I love my DEs this guy showed tremendous strength and speed and would be a great fit at eight. He does have some questions about how long he can keep all of this up but that is why I say we draft another DE in the late late rounds to back him up when he needs a break. Also I think with Him, Wake, and how the rest of our defense is we might get quite a few three and outs so he will have his time to rest. IF IF IF IF IF, just to put some emphasis, the Jaguars pick him then I say we have a back up plan in Ingram or I would be O...K... with Tannehill but only if Quentin is gone. Definetly worth the eight pick though I see a great future sor Coples.

Round 2- Kelechi Osemele- Why not get a great Quality RT/RG in the early rounds then we won't have to worry in the later ones. Plus this guy out of Iowa State has the longest arms in the draft and did great in the regular season and senior bowl at pass blocking. He can stay consistent on the right side and held off 5 yes 5 DEs without giving up a sack. Now we get to offense...

Round 3a)- Kirk Cousins- This is where we take our QB to groom. A three time captain and showed tremendous leadership skills. He has the arm to make it and the brain. Plus he can scramble out of the pocket if needed and can still make plays using that big arm. His accuracy needs LITTLE work and by the time he will start he will be a GREAT QB in the NFL.

Round 3b)- I love having Back to back picks its so much easier for Mocks :). I really like Brian Quick here mainly because of the way he played at Appalachian state. He was by far the most productive Reciever there and caught 11 TDs this year. His size is what is great as well, like Streeter he has size but runs routes much better. Quick also could be our new Marshall replacement I definetly say we give him a chance.

Round 4- Michael Egnew- Let's face it we need a TE complement with Clay especially if we want to compete with the Pats. Great size, good blocking, good catching, and good stamina. I don't know if there is that much more to say but, YE YA! Great Fourth Rounder and if not him it better be Ladaius Green.

Round 5- Coryell Judy- A great round five prospect for CB. We need a little depth at the position and there is talk speculating if we move Smith or Marshall to FS but who knows. He was out for six games but preformed great at the combine. Came in bigger, faster, stronger great option in the fifth.

Round 6- Chris Rainey- Why Not? A little challenge for Bess at Punt and Kick returning.

Round 7- BPA

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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