There are only 2 acceptable drat scenario's for the fins

The 2 scenario's are the "Tannehill" scenario, and the "trade down" scenario. If the fins stay at the #8 overall pick, and do not select Ryan Tannehill, then I will be sourly disappointed in Jeff Ireland. If Tannehill is gone, and/or the dolphins dont feel he is worthy of the #8 overall selection then I would want them to trade down into the #15-25 range with the eagles, steelers, or the Bengals. Both these scenarios are the ideas of positions, not the exact player I pick. I will also have "other options" at that selection. These will both only be 5 round mocks.

Scenario 1- the Tannehill scenario

Round 1: Ryan Tannehill- there is no doubt that this kid is a first round talent, even the skeptics will admit this by saying he is "late first or early second", but in reality he was never below the 25th best prospect in the draft. The decisions by Landry Jones and Matt Barkely to stay in school for their senior season pushed him into the top 20, but NOT the top 10. What pushed him into the top 10 is 1. his stellar pro-day performance and 2. people looking at his tape more and more and liking what they're seeing. If Barkely goes into the draft then Tannehill still goes at 15 at the latest, and Jones would go after that.

Round 2: Andre Branch- This kid is extremely talented and underrated. He is one of the most atheletic pass rushers in the draft, and hes one of the best explosions off the ball and that is exactly what were looking for

Other options: Chandler Jones, Vinny Curry

Round 3a: Ryan Broyles- this makes me really giddy! he was a first round talent when he was healthy but when that ACL was injured it was like "BAM! your a sixth" then when he started to heal a little more is was like "oh, well he should be a late third or early fourth" and I am excited about him. That ACL doesnt even make him damaged goods, Welker came back from it, and he's making incredible progress.

Other Options: T.Y. Hilton, Marvin Jones, Marvin McNutt, A.J. Jenkins

Round 3b: Brandon Boykin- thoughts of drafting a CB early kind of went away,. but I still think we need a good nickle corner to move Sean Smith or Richard Marshall to FS. Drafting a sleeper pick in Boykin will make our secondary elite if he pays off.

Other options: Trumaine Johnson

Round 4: Zebrie Sanders- once upon a time he was a 2nd round prospect... what happened? I really dont know, anyway he has great value in the 4th.

Other options: Andrew Datko

Round 5: Jeff Fuller- I really like this pick for 2 reasons, 1. he has the size and talent to become a solid starter in the NFL, and 2. He has chemistry with Ryan Tannehill. I also think we should really consider drafting Swope next year as he is a better overall prospect.

Scenario 2: Trade down!

Round 1: Trade down with... lets just say the Pittsburgh Steelers, and get a 2nd and a 3rd. Select Nick Perry- he has the perfect measurables to be an awesome pass rusher at the next level, he also has the production.

Other options: Whitney Mercilus, Courtney Upshaw, Chandler Jones, Andre Branch

Round 2a:Brandon Weeden- I wouldn't doubt it at all if Ireland selects him in the first or second. Ireland might get fired at the end of this year, so it doesn't matter to him if he only has 11 years at best. Besides his shelf life, I honestly think he is as good as Luck based on talent,annd he might even be more ready to play, and remember, he beat RG3, Luck, and Tannehill.

Other options: Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler

Round 2b: Dwayne Allen- watched this guy all year at Clemson, if he ran faster in shorts then he would be in the first round, anyway he has great value in the 2nd.

Other options: Orson Charles

Round 3a: Ryan Broyles- same description as before, and other options.

Round 3b: Brandon Boykin- same decription and other options as before.

Round 3c: Ryan Lindley- I really like this guy, he has the tools to be special one day, needs work on accuracy but that can be coached, lets just see how Weeden/ Moore/ Garrard does, andt how he develops.

Round 4: Zebrie Sanders- same description and other option as before.

Round 5: Danny Coale- this guy is great, he's fast, runs good routs, and can develop.

By the way I am assuming that the Dolphins sign Legadu Nannee, thats why I am not as heavy on WRs as I have been in the past. As always GO FINS!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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