2012 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins First Round Picks

The last first round quarterback selected by the Miami Dolphins awas Dan Marino. He was pretty good. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

We are edging closer to the 2012 NFL Draft. And, edging seems to be the operative word in that senetence. It seems like we have been waiting for the draft forever already, and we still have a little over a week until round one on Thursday, April 26th.

In order to better prepare us for the draft, I've started coming up with a series of posts looking at draft history. Last week, I posted about the eigth pick over the last 20 years. Today, I bring you every Miami Dolphins first round selection since the inception of the team.

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Hope you enjoy, and please, someone let the draft hurry up and get here!

[Editor's Note: If the side of this table is cut off, please try using the link in the upper right corner of the page for "Wide" view. Unfortunately, with the information included, this table has to remain wide.]

Year Pick Player Position School Remarks
2011 15 Mike Pouncey C Florida
2010 28 Jared Odrick DT Penn State MIA traded #12, #110, and #173 picks to SD for the #28. #40, #126 picks and LB Tim Dobbins
2009 25 Vontae Davis DB Illinois
2008 1 Jake Long OT Michigan
2007 9 Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State
2006 16 Jason Allen DB Tennessee
2005 2 Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
2004 19 Vernon Carey OT Miami MIA traded #20 and 4th round pick to MIN for #19 pick
2003 -- No Pick MIA traded #18 pick the previous year to NO for RB Ricky Williams
2002 -- No Pick MIA traded #25 and 4th round picks, plus 2002 1st round pick to NO for RB Ricky Williams
2001 26 Jamar Fletcher DB Wisconsin
2000 -- No Pick MIA traded #23 pick in 2000 draft to CAR for 2nd round pick in 1998
1999 -- No Pick MIA traded #24 pick to SF for #27 pick, and 5th round pick. Then MIA traded #27 pick to DET for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round picks.
1998 29 John Avery RB Mississippi MIA traded #19 pick to GB for #29 pick and third round pick.
1997 15 Yatil Green WR Miami
1996 20 Daryl Gardener DT Baylor
1995 25 Billy Milner OT Houston
1994 20 Tim Bowens DT Mississippi MIA traded #16 pick to GB for #20 pick and third round pick.
1993 25 OJ McDuffie WR Penn State
1992 7 Troy Vincent DB Wisconsin MIA traded WR Randal Hill to Phoenix for #7 pick
12 Marco Coleman LB Georgia Tech
1991 23 Randal Hill WR Miami
1990 9 Richmond Webb OT Texas A&M
1989 9 Sammie Smith RB Florida State
25 Louis Oliver S Florida MIA traded second and third round picks to CHI for the #25 pick
1988 16 Eric Kumerow DE Ohio State
1987 16 John Bosa DE Boston College MIA traded #14 pick to MIN for #16 and fifth round picks
1986 -- No Pick MIA traded #25 and second round pick to TB for LB Hugh Green
1985 27 Lorenzo Hampton RB Florida
1984 14 Jackie Shipp LB Oklahoma MIA traded #26 and thwo third round picks to BUF for #14 pick
1983 27 Dan Marino QB Pittsburgh Hall of Fame Inductee
1982 24 Roy Foster Guard USC
1981 13 David Overstreet RB Oklahoma
1980 21 Don McNeal DB Alabama
1979 24 Jon Giesler OT Michigan
1978 -- No Pick MIA traded S Vern Roberson, WR Freddie Solomon and #24 and fifth round picks to SF for RB Delvin Williams
1977 13 A.J. Duhe DE Louisiana State
1976 17 Larry Gordon LB Arizona State MIA traded QB Joe Theismann to WAS for #17 pick
18 Kim Bokamper LB San Jose State
1975 23 Darryl Carlton OT Tampa
1974 26 Don Reese DE Jackson State
1973 -- No Pick MIA traded #26 pick to BUF for WR Marlin Briscoe
1972 25 Mike Kadish DT Notre Dame
1971 -- No Pick MIA sent #22 pick to Baltimore Colts as compensation for head coach Don Shula
1970 -- No Pick MIA traded #3 pick to CLE for WR Paul Warfield
1969 11 Bill Stanfill DE Georgia
1968 8 Larry Csonka FB Syracuse Hall of Fame Inductee
27 Doug Crusan OT Indiana MIA traded QB John Stofa to CIN for #27 and second round picks
1967 4 Bob Griese QB Purdue Hall of Fame Inductee
1966 1 Jim Grabowski RB Illinois
2 Rick Norton QB Kentucky

Italics represent Pro Bowl Players; Bold represents All Pro Players

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