Yakov's opinion on dolphin news

There are a number of different things going on in the dolphins world, alot including the draft thats happening in 11 days. The things that this post will include are: Matt Moore being the answer, Ryan Tannehill at 8, Ryan Lindley in round 4, which WR's to take and when, O-ine in the draft, front 7 in the draft, and signing a former basketball player as a TE. I will also be grading these topics on how good it would be if it happend.

Is Matt Moore an answer? For next year? Yes. For the future? I really dont know. I actually have mixed feelings about it, because he did look very promising last year where purley based on that, I would say yes, but in turn, He did play well at the end of the 2009 season and when given the oppritunity to start from day 1 in 2010, he choked. It is very likely that we will draft a QB at some point in the draft, and if Moore chokes then we will end up starting him to get him some playing time at the end of the season.

Grade: B

Should the Miami Dolphins select Ryan Tannehill at 8? Absolutely. Not only do I think he has amazing value at 8, but I also beleive that he is almost as good a prospect as RG3. If you compare their stats while taken dropped passes out of the equation, their stats are very similar, the only big difference is that Tannehill threw 129 more passes and if you take his 66 dropped passes out of the equation then he would have had a higher completion % than RG3 if you take his drops out as well. I love Tannehill at 8, but my draft philosophy on him is that if he's there at 8, take him, but if he's not, then trade down to the mid-20's range for a 2nd and a 3rd and select Nick Perry or Whitney Mercilus.

Grade: A+

Ryan Lindley an option? Yes, Lindley is highly underated as he should probably be a mid second to mid third round prospect seeing how his O-line and recievers were just terrible. He is the definition of a low-risk potential high-reward guy in the 4th.

Grade: B+

Which WRs to take and when? This years draft is very deep at WR, so deep where there are potential starters in the 5th round. In the second round Mohamed Sanu is a solid option, he fits the WCO, runs good routs, plays fast, good hands. In the third there are several intruiging prospects, such as: Marvin McNutt, Marvin Jones, A.J. Jenkins, etc. but I would like to bring up one name specificly. Ryan Broyles was a first to second round talent before he injured his ACL, and could be a steal in the 3rd or 4th. I also really like Tommy Streeter in the 4th and apparently so do the dolphins, he runs much better routs than people give him credit for, is big and physical, and runs a 4.4! Jeff Fuller is another name that would be a 5th round option, he is very realistic if we select Ryan Tannehill in the 1st.

Addressing O-line in the draft. I think If we select an Offensive linemen, we should do so in the third at the earliest, some options are Zebrie Sanders in the 3rd, Andrew Datko in the 4th, and Joe Long (yes, Jake Long's brother) in the 6th.

Addressing the front 7 in the draft. If we select a pass rusher, then we will need to in either the first or the second. Quinton Coples is the only option I like at 8, but I would much rather trade down into the 20s and get Nick Perry or Whitney Mercilus. If we take Tannehill in the 1st then all is not lost, I like Vinney Curry, Chandler Jones, or Andre Branch in the 2nd, one should be there.

Signing Les Brown as a TE. Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it! This guy performed better than any other TE in the draft! If he can take a NFL hit than we may have just gotten a free 2nd round pick! I am extremley excited to see what this kid can do!

In all, if everything falls together perfectley, then we can be a very good team next year. If the 49ers can do it, then so can we! GO FINS!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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