PotM's Big Board

With the draft coming up, I have looked into prospects and watched tape on many of them. It seems that Big Boards seem to be favored over straight-up mocks, so I will release my big board like last year; except I will make it into a fanpost rather than a fanshot.

1st Round

1: Trade down with a team in the early twenties. Swap firsts, pick up a 3rd and fifth this year and negotiate for a 2nd or 3rd next year. Pick Fleener TE out of Stanford.

2: If you can't find a trade partner, draft Ryan Tannehill at 8

3: Trade back as in the first scenario, but Fleener isn't there. Draft a Corner Back in Dre KirkPatrick

4: Trade back, but Fleener and KirkPatrick isn't there. I would draft Courtney Upshaw.

I really want Miami to catch up to the modern offense and get that athletic TE that most teams have now. Failing getting a trade partner, Tannehill seems like a good QB (see my other post). If for some reason Fleener is not there, we need to upgrade our pass defense. Either getting a playmaking CB or a disruptive pass rusher will put our to the next level.

2nd Round

1: Bobby Massie RT

2: Vinnie Curry OLB

3: Zebrie Sanders RT

4: Trumaine Johnson FS

We need to upgrade the turnstile we call a RT and cannot rely on Murtha to do it without adding some competition. That being said, there isn't much talent in the 2nd round as both the OT and pass rusher positions are top heavy with little depth.

3rd Round, Pick 1

1: A.J. Jenkins WR

2: Chris Givens WR

3: Antonio Allen SS

4: Chris Polk HB

We need to find a speedy WR to make Philbin's WCO/Spread offense work. Both are savvy route runners that have legitamate deep speed. I have Jenkins over Givens because he is better at beating the jam and has great leaping ability. Failing that, we could draft a good SS or a good power back as a backup plan to Daniel Thomas.

3rd Round, 2nd Pick

1: Brandon Taylor FS

2: Chris Polk HB

3: Chris Givens WR

4: Antonio Allen SS

Taylor has established himself as a player on the LSU defense, which is hard when you are playing next to Claiborne. Taylor could develop into a starter for us and will provide good competition for Clemons at FS.

3rd Round, 3rd Pick

1: Chris Polk HB

2: Antonio Allen SS

3: Sean Spence ILB

4: Ryan Lindley QB

Note: This draft pick assumes we trade back in the first.

4th Round

1: Ryan Lindley QB

2: T.Y. Hilton WR

Lindley and Tannehill are very similar as prospects. Tannehill has a lot more hype and that is one of the main reasons he is going to be drafted higher. At SD St. Linldey had to fit the balls into tighter places than Tannehill because he wasn’t throwing to future day two draft picks. Lindley’s line was just atrocious, as Lindley was continually pressured. Lindley’s strengths are his strong arm and gunslinger mentality. He has the arm strength to fit the ball anywhere on the field and will not hesitate to do it. That being said, I never saw him throwing really boneheaded passes. I think Lindley is the better prospect of the two aforementioned QBs, but Tannehill has all the hype. T.Y. Hilton has tremendous speed and could develop into something special.

5th Round, 1st Pick

1: Travis Benjamin WR

2: Keith Tandy CB

3: Greg Childs WR

4: Cody Johnson FB/RB

Travis Benjamin is very talented, but is a risky pick due to off the field issues. Tandy is a scrappy CB that could be a darned good nickel back in Miami. Childs is an injured WR, but is a high potential draft pick as he has all the tanngibles one could ask for. In the fourth round, he is worth the risk. Johnson is a great blocker and a great runner. He could be a Peyton Hillis type RB if we develop him into one.

5th Round, 2nd Pick

1: Keith Tandy CB

2: Greg Childs WR

3: Cody Johnson FB/RB

4: George Bryan TE

This explanation is stated above.

6th Round

1: Cordarro Law Pass Rusher

2: George Bryan TE

3: Ryan Van Bergen DE

4: Chris Rainey, WR/RB/KR/PR

Cordarro Law is a physical Edge rusher that could be a gem in this draft. Bryan is an athletic TE that was under utilized at NC State. Bergen has displayed a nice combination of size and athleticism at Michigan, so he might be able to provide quality depth. Chris Rainey is a speedy playmaker that is great on special teams; always nice to have these guys.

7th Round

1: George Bryan TE

2: Shawn Loiseau ILB

3: Adam Gettis OG

Loiseau had a good week of practice at the East-West Shrine Bowl, which caught scouts interests. I would have Gettis earlier, but with the emergence of John Jerry, OG is not a need. Gettis would likely be depth at C and OG.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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