Off the board Mock Draft.

With all the mock drafts i thought it would be cool to see who was taken off their Draft board and why?This always brings great debate but isn't that what the Draft all about?So i have made a list who's off my board and why?Feel free to share yours too but i am trusting you have many hours studying the prospects and share the reason why their.'Off the Board!!


DRE Kirkpatrick :It's not the fact he might have burn one or a dozen.When watching him in coverage mode he seems to be really stiff when he turns and runs alot like Sean Smith.I seen he really struggles against quick receivers in short space.I see him more as a zone coverage c.b. not a shut down corner. they don't praise you for your recovery speed if it wasn't a reason you need it.He is off the board because someone would take him before i would.

MICHEAL FLOYD: Route running is bad,I mean real bad!like he is looking for his mom in the crowd.He would rather run all the way down the field to even think about blocking someone.We all have a few drinks in our time and some of us get caught.But three times?c'mon man he is "OFF THE BOARD.

Zack Brown: This guy has speed but not much else.He is on the small side at 6'1 for a LB and has real bad body control he turns a corner like a stationwagon reckless.On the run plays he does fine as long as they don't run at him.He gets swallowed up like a big mack bought by a big girl!You can't rush and you can't tackle then you are OFF THE BOARD.


ALPHONSO DENNARD: The reason he is high rated is because he grabs and holds very often.To say he is aggresive is a understatementHe tackles you if your right beside him but to ask him to run across the field and make a tackle and you would be coaching pee wee again.5' 10 not ideal either big receivers eat his lunch too then he gets beat up and gets flags.'Off the Board!

Alston Jeffery:Has good size and decent speed for a big guy the problem is unless you a west coast offensive he wouldn't do you much good.why?his route running,no top end speed,and lazy approach.The guy gets to 240 last year than comes to combine at 216.Does that not show he is a fake?Once he signs the contract it's loaf city and depending on where he is maybe jail.i have to say OFF THE BOARD.

Donta Hightower:I have had my eye on him for a couple years and liked him very much as a prospect unt'll i broke him down.6'2 265 is not a good weight for a l.b. even in the middle.This is a guy like many years ago named brenston buckner who came in as a l.b. and within a year was at 300 none the less.He is not big enough to play defensive end at the moment and to slow for l.b. so what do you do?He is a tweener they usually don't work out.i'm going another direction 'OFFTHE BOARD'


Nigel Bradham: He is always around the ball for a reason because they run at him with sucess.Many times in games i seen he have a chance to knock the q.b. into the middle of next week and they would simply side step him if he did get a chance to hit them it was like your sister hitting you in the arm.The build and mold is there but for some reason a n.f.l future is not.To much work 'OFFTHE BOARD'

As we get to the later rounds many come off the board for one reason or another here is a few more that i would stay away from.

Senio Kelemete: poor balance, poor footwork,gets bull rushed,slow as christmas,need i say more?

Chris Polk: The speed is not there,though he blocks and catches the ball both are just average he is just nothing to write home about especially when r.b. are a dime a dozen these days.He wouldn't last long any way he runs to straight up.

BRANDON WASHINGTON:This guy is a load 6'3 320 and if he gets his hands on you he can get the job done.that's the problem!He moves like he is 620 pounds and likes to duck his head and gets throw to the ground.If he is going to be pass protecting for you it would be wise to wear your back and neck brace because when made to use footwork he not quite the dancing bear.

RYAN LINDLEY:Not sure where to start?plenty of arm strength but doesn't do you much good when you can't throw the ball to the target.Mr Irratic would be the scoop,To ask him to throw accurate and read a defensive and get the job done is like the jets coach saying their winning the super bowl!He has improved now it does land a few closer yards to them problem is ever body not lynn swan!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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