Xtreme Mock Draft 2.0 What Most Want to See(Tannehill)

Told you there would be more :). Anyway, there are many different opinions but, the most common I've seen are either
Melvin Ingram or Ryan Tannehill. So for this one I will stick on the Tannehill theory. First I just wanna say there is only 15 days till the draft so I'm gonna let all of these opinions out in that time. It's not like there is anything else to write about. Besides it will all be over after the draft so just enjoy it while you can. Now about the whole Tannehill thing I'm kinda on the fence about him, yes he is a good prospect and has a great understanding from the Recievers point of view. But, does he have enough experience to go to the NFL and will he do good under Philbin and Sherman? We will see.

Round 1- Ryan Tannehill- An apparently good QB because of the understanding he has from the time he played Reciever. In fact he played QB for only one year... Is that long and good enough??? We won't know until we see him, and will he do good under Sherman's system again. Can Philbin train him like he did Rogers well I guess we will see. Plus we might not even draft him.

Round 2- Andre Branch- Had great strength and showed a lot of improvement throughout the season. This guy has great speed and stamina and when he gets going he doesn't stop. He has had a few multi-sack games in his college carrer and has shown he can give tackles with great skill a hard time. A great prospect in the second and even better if we get Tannehill.

Round 3a- Zebrie Sanders- In college this guy showd that when a left tackle gets injured he can step in. We don't know how healthy Long will be but if he is not then no worries. The biggest reason though is because this guy can handle big or small DE on the right and will be a HUGE upgrade from Columbo.

Round 3b- Ladarius Green- Great prospect at TE especially for the third round. I know some might like to see him go in the 4th or 5th but I have a little surprise for Reciever. He had some good catches at the Senior Bowl and ran good routes. I can see this guy growing with Clay to be a great pair up.

Round 4- Ryan Broyles SUPRISE!!!- This guys draft stock is very unclear and that's why he has fallen here mostly because of the ACL injury but he had a great season for what he played. Another plus is that he is a punt returner the speed on this kid is great and he could possibly be as good maybe better as Bess. Yes he is short but shortness comes with speed and

Round 5-7 we will get some BPA

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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