BahamaDolfan's 7 Round Big Board

I've tried to do something a little bit different this time. Instead of going for a mock draft, I've listed 2-3 players per round that I think the Dolphins might draft, in order of 1-3. I won't give a report on the top rated prospects as I'm sure we're all aware of them, but I will give a little insight into some of the prospects that maybe you haven't heard of yet. Don't have to agree with me, but lets give it a go!

Round 1:

1) Tannehill

2) Ingram

3) Coples

Quarterback has to be priority and Tannehill offers tremendous upside. I think he had been a little underrated before Jones and Barkley decided to remain in college. He is very raw, but has the ability to start in a year or two time. I would say he has less things to work on than Osweiler does (who is also very raw) and knows Sherman's system. If he's not on the board, a pass rusher has to be a priority. Ingram and Coples provide good options here. Don't trade down, grab the top prospects available to make the team better.

Round 2:

1) Andre Branch

2) Vinny Curry

3a) Mohammed Sanu

3b) Brock Osweiler

If Tannehill is selected in the 1st, a pass rusher becomes the number one priority! Period. Andre Branch has prototypical size and long arms, while Vinny Curry has strong hands. Both will do a good job for us and provide good value at this point. If we go pass rusher in the 1st, then Sanu and Osweiler are options. Sanu runs great routes and is a physical player. He isn't afraid to run up the middle. Osweiler actually offers upside, but is risky. Don't be surprised if the FO goes for Osweiler with the 2nd pick if they can't get Tannehill. He had a very impressive interview with Gruden. Very confident. Is not Chad Henne No.2. Boom or bust prospect.

Round 3a:

1) Marvin McNutt

2) Marvin Jones

3) Chris Givens

Wide receiver has to be a priority. Thankfully, because this draft is deep at receiver, we take one here in the 3rd. There will be some good prospects available here. Marvin McNutt has shot to the top of my draft board. He runs good, not great, routes, but this can be improved. All these prospects have great hands, run great routes and offer good value. McNutt jumps out at me because he offers something we don't have. He's tall at 6'3, got good speed and can jump for the catch. Like him very much at this point.

Round 3b:

1) RT Brandon Mosley

2) Zebrie Sanders

3) Matt McCants

We still haven't address the RT position. Murtha may very well be the starter, but if he gets injured we need someone that can step up. All three of these guys are good pass blockers and very athletic. Matt McCants is the most raw and this is why he is my 3rd choice. Zebrie has dropped out of the 2nd round. He needs work. Brandon Mosley is probably the most pro ready and will provide excellent competition for Murtha.

Round 4:

1) Ladarius Green

2) Michael Egnew

3) Senio Kelemete

We still need an athletic TE. Now, it's not a huge need, but it would be nice to have one. Ladarius Green and Michael Egnew could be available here. If they're not, we shore up the O-line with Senio Kelemete. An excellent athletic guard prospect who could compete for playing time. Don't worry too much if Green and Egnew aren't here.

Round 5:

1) Danny Coales

2) Jake Bequette

3) Chris Greenwood

I love Danny Coales. He has probably the softest hands in the draft. He reminds me of Hartline and Welker, but faster. He's an under-the-radar prospect and runs excellent routes. Jake Bequette won't start right away, but, given time to develop, can contribute as a starter down the road. He has prototypical size for a 4-3 end, but also has experience in a 3-4 set. Great motor and does a good job sliding through the holes. He just needs to be coached up. Chris Greenwood looks like a CB. He's an intriguing small school prospect with tremendous upside. But is he a better athlete than football player?

Round 6:

1) James Hanna

2) DeVier Posey (WR)

3) Brandon Lindsey (OLB)

James Hanna doesn't run great routes as a TE. But he's very quick and has good hands. He could be a good vertical threat and an effective player if used the right way. DeVier Posey might jump out at me as my first choice in the 6th in the next few days. He's a tough, physical receiver who runs terrific routes. He's very polished and should make a quick transition to the NFL. He adds something we don't have; he's a Sanu-type receiver. If we don't grab Sanu, he's an option here. Does have character concerns - suspended for most of 2011 for selling championship gear. This FO is willing to take risks on guys in the latter rounds (See Wilson last year in the 7th). Finally, Brandon Lindsey is bad against the run and not strong enough to play DE. But he has a good motor and always gives 100 percent. He has excellent snap awareness and is very athletic. His second gear is probably his best attribute and it allows him to pursue and create pressure. The downside is that he is probably limited to playing OLB in a 3-4 set. But offers good value in the 6th.

Round 7:

1) Joe Looney and Adam Gettis (both OG's)

I really don't know which guy is better here. Adam Gettis is an Iowa offensive guard. I love Iowa offensive linemen He's a little undersized but very athletic. Has the frame to get bigger. Natural change of direction skills in pass protection. He can be a good zone guy at the next level. Joe Looney is also very athletic. He gets off the ball well in the pass game. Possesses a natural anchor. Can mature into a good run and pass blocker. Potential starting guard down the line.

This big board has the ability to cover the QB, DE, WR, RT, TE, OG and, potentially, the CB position. We can't cover all the positions in the draft, but I think we would do very well to have some of these players in mind.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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