Xtreme Mock Draft 1.0 Xperimenting

Well one thing I want to address is I will not add any trades. I know Ireland has made draft day trades ever since he came here, but I'm just not sure who so instead of making a "guesstimation" I will just wait until draft day. Now I will make a draft that you wouldn't necessarily think of immediately. Some will gleam with joy, some will cringe in disgust, and others will just be confused. As you can see this is 1.0 so there will be OTHER THEMED drafts. Enjoy and give your opinion. Please remember that this is just a draft you guys havent seen yet I'm going to get created so please, take it with a grain of salt. If you would be happy

Round 1- Michael Floyd- Here goes... Floyd ran fantastic at the combine and has great ability to go up and get passes out of the air. Being 6' 3" and having his speed is a great combination and is easily the second best Reciever in the draft behind Blackmon. After losing Marshall we need a guy like this, he is like Marshall but doesn't drop TDs and run out of bounds with no one around him. A great #8 pick and a great way to amp our fans up.

Round 2- Vinny Curry- Although he had a slow 40 time he had a height of 6-3 and weighed in at 265. As his speed wasn't as good he still posses great stanima and will be able to stay on the field for a handful of plays at least. He picked up 77 tackles and 11 sacks along with 22 tackles for a loss. He also showed the ability to push through OTs and dig deep against the run.

Round 3a)- Zebrie Sanders- Out of FSU this guy had some trouble against the top pass rushers in the draft but could be easily improved over training camp. His thirty five inch arms are great for pushing off and wrapping up those smaller pass rushers. I believe he can proggres fast since he will have wake o go against in practice. This guy has a lot of potential and with Philbin and co. help he would be a huge upgrad from Columbo.

Round 3b)- Kirk Cousins- Good arm strength, can go through his reads, has the knowledge, and can stand tall in the pocket with defenders in his face. This kid knows how to throw some long bombs and would learn a lot from Moore and Garrard. Pat Devlin I really don't know I say we trade him away or release him I'm not a big fan.

Round 4- Ladarius Green- We need an upgrade from Fasano bu Clay seems to be trucking along fine. Being 6ft 6inch. And 237 lbs. he can block great and has good hands. He had 606 yards and caught eight touchdowns and is a big target.

Round 5- Joe Looney- A great versatile guard who has had four years of starting in college and is great at run and pass blocking. This guy is a steal in round five as a potential sleeper in the one side we need to address an our O-Line

Round 6- Terrell Manning- A great OLB especially in round 6. Over time he has put on some bulk for the NFL and has fantastic speed this guys college stats were great and is described to have great speed and agility. His arms are a little short but I think he has the Potential to sit a year or two and be fantastic when he is put in.

Round 7- If he is still here Chris Rainey- Just for some insurance.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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