An Offseason Summary and The Few Options to Change For the Better.

WOW! Has this been crazy... New options every week, great things happen and then bad things come in to kill the mood a few hours after. I've been checking the site almost 3-4 times a day just to see the top stories and stuff. Then today with all my friends already out of town I noticed the 100's yes 100's of Mocks created since our last season game and Super Bowl. RECAP TIME!!!

The Beggining- AS SOON, AS THE OFFSEASON STARTED, the draft and free agency immediately came into play. With the thought that we had no competition for Manning and a maturing Marshall we knew all we needed was some defense. So with the assurance of a gr8 WR and QB we thought Coples was the guy we bragged and bragged... Then POOF two days later we were complaining about him and his stubby arms and went with Ingram.

Still Early- POOF!!! Manning was a huge free agent and our chances of getting Manning were still high, but just left a bad taste that he was "seeing other people." We thought, alright it's gonna be all good Marshall and Marino will draw Manni... POOF AGAIN!!! Marshall gets released!!! Then we were all like WTF just happened? Argued for about a day and then SKABOOSH( got sick of POOF) it turned out to be great that Marshall left. Just freeing up cap space guys it'll be alright. Ok I guess we will draft Blackmon or perhaps Kalil for Manning then in the first.

Middlile- OH COOLIO, we signed a Nickel CB yea yea... Now where is Manning... Let's look into Flynn for insurance just to be safe. Oh great we brought in a possible RT from Houston, and Mark Anderson to help teach Langford... Oh what's that? Langfords to the Rams... Uhh huu ok.... Freeing up more cap space I guess. Oh cool we re-signed Solia now umm WHERE IS MY PEYTON MANNING!!!! OHHHHHHHH, the Broncos signed him. No problem we will get a way cheaper Matt Flynn after he gets back from being presented with his Seahawks Jersey in a....... AWWW C'MON!!!! Now we are talking about moving Jones to SS and Smith to FS why? Oh we just cut our leading tackler ugh....

Ending- Who else is out there back ups, Tebow, and wait what? We just signed Garrard ok, Iguess him and Matt Moore are competing then. Ya know what lets get Tannehill at #8 just because KC might try to get him. Or how bout we trade up in the first with Cincy and use our seventh on Kellen Moore and both third rounders on Recievers.( McNutt and Streeter) Alright sounds good... Or maybe we stay at 8 and get Tannehill.....

PRESENT TIME- Well looks as if we will get Tannehill although can't say for sure because you know all the different guys who we should get going around. Oh, ok so now we wait and get Oswieler in the second or somin alright wonder who it will be Tommorow.

The End

Touching story huh?


Round 1- I'm gonna go with drafting either Ingram or Reiff/Calil here not to big of a Tannehill fan. I'd prefer Ingram because well he seems like a great DE for us.

Round 2- Alright, I say we take Brock O. here because as we all know we need a QB to groom and I don't want to WASTE a first on Tannehill see you guys on the Oswieler Wagon. ALL ABOARD!!!

Round 3a- Let's take Streeter here because of his height and how versatile he is...

Round 3b- And we will take McNutt here so we have a good WR corpse for Oswieler, Moore, and Garrard. These two guys can grow up along with Oswieler.

Round 4- Brandon Taylor- Out of LSU this guy is six feet and two hundred pounds of Tackling Machine! This guy was third on the team in Tackles and would be a great replacement for Bell in my eyes.

Round 5- Lamicheal James/ Chris Rainey- RB insurance Reggie and Thomas both got injured last year so I guess ya never know. I AM A REGGIE BELIEVER just saying.

Round 6- Perhaps another TE would be good?

Round 7- Brandon Marshall will probably be the best seventh rounder we can get.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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