Mock Draft

Hey there everyone *Say Hi back* I'm here to provide you with the best mock for the Phins. Some will like it, some may not. B is the alternative if that player isn't available.

Round 1 TRADE UP with Minnesota for the #3 pick to choose Tannehill.......LOL I gotcha'

TRADE Down with Cinci for their #21 pick and #53 or #83.

Round 1 #21 Kendall Wright WR- 5'11 200 lbs of slippery, tough, and speedy receiver who would add explosiveness to a bland offense.

B Coby Fleener TE - Best TE in the draft imo. Can block, has perfect size and speed, and is a defense's nightmare.

Round 2 #42 Harrison Smith S - Instinctive, hard-hitting safety who does everything we wish Yeremiah Bell would do.

B Bobby Massie OT- I don't believe in strewing a team over, but I can make an exception for the Jets. They pick at #47 and need a OT. We need one also, and why not choose one of the best. He's never missed a game in his career at Ole Miss and held his own in the tough SEC.

#53 Shea McClellin OLB - The more I watch film of him, the more I want. Can defend the pass, stop the run , AND rush the passer well. Reminds me of Clay Matthews.

B Jared Crick DE - Another guy who I have been watching lately. Moves through the offensive line easily to get to the QB.

Round 3 #72 Marvin McNutt WR- If you know me you know that I'm high on McNutt. His speed won't wow you, mid 4.5, but blows by the secondary like 1st grade.

B Jamell Fleming CB - Some people have him going earlier. Aggressive corner who coincidentally played against McNutt.

#73 Keenan Robinson ILB/OLB - Need some depth behind Dansby and Burnett. Has long arms and can cover.

B Michael Egnew TE - In case we don't get Fleener. Egnew would be an idea pick as the NFL is transforming into a 6'5-6'6 freak Tight end era. His downfall, can't block.

Round 4 #103 Ryan Lindley QB - He's been growing on me lately. When you get past his inept footwork, and accuracy problems, he could be good. Has a big arm and makes a lot of NFL throws. Reminds me of Matthew Stafford.

B Brandon Lindsey OLB - Defensive players out of Pittsburgh have been doing well in the NFL as of late. Lets give him a try.

Round 5 #145 Olivier Vernon DE - As a UM fan always seemed to stand out to me. His 40 time will probably push him into the 4th round.

B Jaye Howard DT/DE - I know what you're thinking, another DE? Yes. We have little depth there. Howard is falling under the radar as of now.

Round 6 #196 from New Orleans Ryan Miller OG - Will provide a challenge for John Jerry.

B Tank Carder ILB/OLB - His name sums it up.

Round 7 #215 Jeff Demps RB

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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