2012 Phinsider Community NFL Mock Draft - Pick 10, Buffalo Bills


And, we're back. After a 24 break, the 2012 Phinsider Community NFL Mock Draft returns this morning. We will have three picks today, to get us back on schedule. Before we get to the next pick, here are the first nine picks:





Indianapolis Colt

Andrew Luck, QB


Washington Redskins

Robert Giriffin III, QB


Minnesota Vikings

Matt Kalil, OT


Cleveland Browns

Trent Richardson, RB


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Morris Claiborne, CB


St. Louis Rams

Justin Blackmon, WR


Jacksonville Jaguars

Quinton Coples, DE


Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill, QB


Carolina Panthers

Fletcher Cox, DT

Now, on to the next team on the clock:

GM: Kevin Nogle (Replacement)

And, the pick is in:

Height: 6' 6", Weight: 313

From Kevin Nogle:

The Bills are going to have a ton of options at this point, and could go a multitude of directions. They could go wide receiver (Michael Floyd), linebacker (Luke Kuechley), or offensive line. With the money they paid Ryan Fitzpatrick last year, the team needs to get the offense some weapons, while also protecting their investment.

They are going to think long and hard about Floyd here, but with free agent tackle Demetrius Bell visiting teams right now, the Bills have a huge hole to fill - and Riley Reiff fills that need. As much as the Bills would love to bring in a weapon, if Fitzpatrick does not have time to thrown the ball, Floyd, or any other pick, will just spend the year running back and forth from the line of scrimmage.

I'm not sold that Reiff is the second tackle in this draft. I like Jonathan Martin from Stanford, and he has a shot at being the second guy, following Matt Kalil in the draft. Reiff's poor combine showing (like only 23 bench press reps, compared to Kalil's 30) won't let him run away from Martin, and I could see the Bills looking to Andrew Luck's former left tackle to protect Fitzpatrick.

From Walter Football:

Projected Round (2012): Top-15 Pick.
3/13/12: Reiff needs a good pro-day performance. His Combine was moderately disappointing including his bench press total. Some were ranking him ahead of Kalil but that ended after Reiff didn't stand out while Kalil did.

Reiff was strong as a run blocker and pass blocker in 2011. He is a very balanced offensive lineman who can execute in both phases of the game. While Reiff is a solid run blocker, he probably should add some power for the next level in order to be able to move defenders off the line of scrimmage, especially if he is moved to right tackle.

Reiff had a pretty easy slate of pass rushers this year. Against Pittsburgh and defensive end Brandon Lindsey, Reiff had a very good game. He blocked Lindsey on almost every play that they were matched up. In the game, Reiff allowed a sack by Aaron Randle, but that could have been a result of a miscommunication with his guard.

In Iowa's Bowl game against Oklahoma, Reiff played well and shut down defensive end Frank Alexander, but Reiff was beat for a sack in the game by another Sooners defender. Otherwise, he was consistently good in his final collegiate season.

8/20/11: Riley Reiff is a strong and athletic left tackle. He is a good downhill run blocker and has good technique as a pass blocker. Reiff has good feet and mirrors defensive ends well as they try to get upfield. He played very well in 2010, and had the added preparation of battling former teammate and current Buccaneer Adrian Clayborn in practice. Reiff was an All-Big Ten second-team selection last year. Right now, he looks like a lock to be a first-round pick with the potential to go highly if he has a dominant 2011 season.

The Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock.

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