Mr. Negativity Sprays To All Fields

There are several reasons I am writing this Post. Some of the things that I have heard this week have made my head spin. So I am channeling my inner Fr8train and going to "Spray To All Fields". (Fr8 has the market cornered on Rants)

Tim Tebow - Quit Talking: Tim, I like you. I like you as a football player. I like you as a person. I don't care about your faith or how you preach your faith. That is up to you. But lately, every time I hear you speak I cringe. I realize it isn't all your fault, that the spotlight is thrust upon you, it's just you sound like Nuke LaLoosh before Crash Davis works with him on his interviews in Bull Durham.

Did you listen to his press conference with the Jets? In the press conference he says "First and Foremost" about 726 times. Tim, there can only be 1 "First and Foremost". Every other sentence used this phrase. It made my head hurt. The one other thing more annoying than the "First and Foremost" was the use of the word "excited". If he used "First and Foremost" 726 times, he used "excited" about 3,482! Trust me Tim, no one is ever that excited about being a Jet! Take some of those millions of dollars and invest in some public speaking courses. Again, I like you, I just can't listen to you speak right now.

Sean Payton - Quit Lying: Speaking of bad press conferences, did you see Sean Payton's at the owners meeting? Did he say one factual thing in the whole press conference? Payton was asked if he thought anyone was injured as a result of the bounties and Payton said "No". No? Really? Didn't players get paid $$ in the bounty program if an opposing player was carted off the field? If no players were injured because of the bounty, then no $$ should have been paid, and we all know that didn't happen.
Then there was this gem:

"It's ... easy to get carried away with a certain side of the ball, more involved offensively or defensively, and that's something I regret."

He was told a couple of years before he got busted that the league knew about the bounties. Even if he had no involvement with the defense prior to that knowledge, you know he had to look into the defense after that. That is his job as HC. And the fact that he encouraged false denials of his staff AFTER HE GOT CAUGHT again proves that he was "involved" defensively.
But this is the coupe de grace is this one:

"I haven't seen specifically the report. As I mentioned, it's hard for me to go through each item line by line."

The report is only EVERYWHERE ON THE INTERNET! I mean millions of people have read the report. How can you comment on the report and it penalties when you "haven't seen specifically the report"? What a crock of shit! I used to like this guy. I don't think I can say that anymore.

Stephen Ross - Quit Telling The Whole Truth: Look, I can't advocate lying. I despise lying. But that doesn't mean you have to tell the whole truth. I praised his call(s) to fan Jason Lawrence. It is a good PR move. But if you are going to do that, don't say things like this:

"If Chicago didn't take [Marshall] ... they would have ended up cutting him very shortly after that, and got nothing."

Stephen, you just can't say things like that, even if it's the truth. I live in the Chicago area. As soon as this got out, the Bears Fans were ripping their new GM, Phil Emery, for "overpaying" for Marshall. Their argument was "if he was going to get cut, why give up draft picks for him". And they are right. If Ireland would have made that trade and then us fans found out later that the player was going to get cut, what would our reaction be? It would only add fuel to the fire against him and we would be right.

Ross, you can't throw other teams' GM's under the bus like that. It affects they way you do business in the future. Let your football people talk football.

"Nobody Works Harder Than Jeff Ireland": This is equivalent to a "vote of confidence". How do those work out? Stephen Ross and Leslie Frazier (hey Leslie, worry about your own team) both said this about Ireland this week to defend him.

Let me say, I don't care how hard someone works. Let me repeat: I DON'T CARE HOW HARD SOMEONE WORKS!!

Everyone works hard. If not, they don't work for very long. Working hard doesn't guarantee results. It is not about working hard, it is about results. I want Smart People.

In my experience, when that is one of the first things people say about themselves or have other people say about them, it means that they aren't accomplished. It means that they aren't successful but try hard.

When you apply for a job for a results oriented position (like sales), don't you list your accomplishments first? Aren't your accomplishments suppose to justify your hard work? That is what is happening with Ireland right now, IMO. He can't fall back on his accomplishments as a GM, so Ross and Frazier are justifying his existence by saying "no one works harder".

Bill Polian, Ozzie Newsome, Jerry Reese, and Ted Thompson have dumbass mistakes. All GM's do. But they have accomplishments. 3 of the 4 have won the Super Bowl. How often do you hear how hard they work? Yet I bet they work every bit as hard as Jeff Ireland.

I'm a big fan of The Office. In one episode, Steve Carrell's character, Michael Scott, believe's that he is being promoted. He is looking for his replacement to run his regional office. He considers John Krasinski's character, Jim Halpert, for the position.

Michael says into the camera (paraphrasing): "Jim is a possibility, but I don't think he works very hard. What takes me 5 hours to do he gets done in 30 minutes."

Which one do you want working for you?

Joe Philbin, I Hope You Can Coach: I say this because I like just about everything about you right now. I like your philosophy. I like the way you communicate with the press and fans (I wish you did this more often, but I digress). After the previous boobs in Cameron and Sparano, it is refreshing to have a HC that can communicate clearly and concisely.

But none of this means shit if you can't coach. So please, be a good coach. Use your timeouts wisely. Manage the game clock correctly. Be aggressive and attack. Please. We will all Thank You for it.

Ryan Tannehill, Come On Down!: You are the first contestant (since Dan Marino) as a 1st Round Drafted QB!!

I'm starting to like this kid. He supposedly had a great Pro Day today. Good. All the buzz is that he is going to the Dolphins at #8. If this regime believes he is a Franchise QB, then I don't care if he is supposedly a reach at #8. There is no such thing if he becomes a franchise QB.

And if he is the selection at #8, I will give Jeff Ireland some credit (I know everyone is shocked by this). Why you ask? Because Tannehill doesn't fit the Bill Parcells' rules for drafting a QB like Chad Henne did. Those rules are (in case you don't remember):

1) He must be a senior: Tannehill passes
2) He must be a graduate: Did Tannehill get his degree?
3) He must be a 3 year starter at QB: Tannehill fails this.
4) He must have at least 23 wins: Tannehill fails this.

Chad Henne passed all four (so did Pat White for that matter). That is why everyone thought Henne would be a good QB. So the most important rules set forth by Bill Parcells and followed by Jeff Ireland, will be broke IF Miami drafts Tannehill at #8. That means that Philbin and Sherman brought some sanity to the QB Search and Ireland will have changed his mind. Ireland would have adjusted and dismissed the old model. And I will give him credit for that.

So there you have it, 1400+ words later. If you made it this far, thanks for reading and let the debate rage on!!

PS: In a recent Fanshot, I was called Mr. Negativity. So I am embracing the title! Why not, me and others like me on this site are the counter to the Rainbows and Unicorns crowd that think everything concerning the Miami Dolphins is perfect.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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