AnishB15's All Miami Dolphins NFL Mock Draft

All right guys, we are officially in rebuilding mode. This will mean that we are going to try as hard as we can to build this team through the draft. We obviously won't be able to fill all the holes this year, but we should have a strong nucleus by the end. That is what is important. creating a good cast of players that support each other and the offense. Philbin is going to want high-character guys, given by his quickness to trade away Marshall, so that will also obviously play into which direction we go. With that, let the mock draft begin

TRADE!!! The Miami Dolphins trade the 8th overall pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for the 17th overall pick, their 2nd round pick and their 4th round pick. This is about even on the draft value chart. They will be able to select Trent RIchardson with this pick and fill a major hole in their backfield.

1 (from Bengals): Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB



Whitney Mercilus is dominant in the pass rush, shedding blockers with no mercy. He represents the perfect speed rusher, but can also take blockers by surprise with his strength. He is versatile enough to play DE and OLB, which will be needed in Coyle's hybrid D. He is stout in run defense, but that is one area where he needs improvement. He should go in as a day one starter and be a big part in replacing the pass rush lost in Jason Taylor.

TRADE: The Miami dolphins trade their first 2nd round pick and their first 3rd round pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 30th overall pick. This is about even on the draft value chart.

1 (from 49ers): Coby Fleener, TE



The Dolphins have a huge need at receiving TE, and Fleener is a good pick to solve that need. Fleener has great height at 6'6" and can also jump for the ball. He has soft hands and can catch the ball well.He is also good at running with the ball and can get yards after catch. He is decent in blocking, but can get the job done.

2 (from Bengals): Zebrie Sanders, RT



With this pick, we get our franchise RT. This was a major area of need that was filled by the human turnstile last year. This is an area that will need to be addressed. Sanders played very well as the RT for FSU for the first half of the year,then was moved to LT after Andrew Datko went down. It is clear that RT is his natural position, and he excels at it. With this pick, and by either signing Jake Scott or starting John Jerry, the Dolphins O-line will return to dominance.

3 (from Bears): Marvin McNutt, WR



McNutt has the potential to be a dominant WR on Philbin's offense. He represents the perfect definition of a West coast WR. He is big, runs very sharp accurate routes, is quick and has good hands. He ran a 4.53 40-time, meaning he also has the speed to go deep from time to time. A combination of Hartlina and McNutt with Bess in the slot is a very good WR corps in the Philbin Offense. McNutt and Hartline are both big enough to make big body catches, fast enough to go deep, and run good routes

4: Brandon Taylor, FS



With this pick, we get our new free safety. This selection will allow us to move Reshad Jones to SS and boast a young,talented secondary. Taylor is very physical, hitting players hard and he doesn't shy away from contact. He has great instincts and anticipation. He may not be an INT machine, but Kevin Coyle turned Reggie Nelson into an INT machine, so he will love working with Taylor. Despite all of the talent around him,Taylor still managed to stand out, making 71 tackles, 1 sack and 1 INT and was the 3rd leading tackler on a stacked LSU Defense.

4 (from Bengals): Nick Foles, QB



Just a word of warning, Foles is not being drafted as a franchise QB, but as a long term backup. Moore and Garrard will be FAs next season, and we will need a good backup after we draft our franchise QB next year in the 1st. Foles is big, checking in a 6'5" 243 lbs. He pretty much had to carry the Arizona offense this season after being surrounded by almost no talent. He has good arm strength, accuracy and pocket presence, but needs work on his field vision and on going through his progressions. He also has a problem with interceptions,and will need work.

5. TY Hilton, WR



TY Hilton is another good WCO WR. He is fast and electric with good hands. He has dominant straight-line speed and will be good competition with Clyde Gates for the no. 4 WR spot. He is much younger than Gates, slightly faster, and has much higher upside. He is very agile and will be a good deep threat with some development. His biggest issues are his height and route running. He checks in at 5'10" which is decent enough, but doesn't really put him as a no. 1 WR.

6. Miles Burris, DE/OLB



Burris is a good pass rusher that will need quite a bit of development. He is very raw, but can be a good rotational player with some time. His main purpose will be to just add some much needed depth at pass rusher.

7. Brandon Marshall, LB



Marshall will provide depth as an ILB in the 3-4 and as a OLB in the 4-3. He has verastility and can be developed into a late round steal. But really, the main reason he stuck out at me was his name. Lose a Bmarsh, gain a Bmarsh.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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