LIVE MTD Recap Miami

This is my recap of a live Mock Draft I did over at MTD this weekend. I'll put a link in the first comment to show all of the draft picks.

1--#8--Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford

2--#42--Brandon Weeden, QB, OK. ST.

3--#73--Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

3--#74--Shea McClellin, DE/LB

4--#104--Malick Jackson, DE/OLB, Tenn.

5--#135--Devon Wylie, WR, Fresno ST.

6--#189--Coty Sensbaugh, DB, Clemson

7--#200--Jaye Howard, DT, Florida

First of all my BPA list or Draft board had to be thrown out the window. Not once, but, twice in the last 2-weeks. Free Agency has been nothing short of disappointing to every Dolphin Fan. 1. No QB 2. Traded BM 3. Cut Team Capt and Starting SS Y. Bell. On the SURFACE it seems that we got weaker sense the start of FA. After the dust settled 4 days ago I set my priorities for the Draft. 1. One of the top 5 QBs. 2. DE/OLB to put opposite Wake. 3. A seam threat TE. 4. At least 2 Packer Proto-Type WRs. 5. A versatile DE/LB. 6. Depth at the DB. 7. A DT with upside.

Coby Fleener---I targeted Fleener in the first because I knew after his Pro Day he would be gone before my next pick. I viewed SD, TB, STL, ATL, INDY as real world landing spots for Fleener. One thing in doing research about Miami HC Joe Philban he uses the TE/HB a lot. The Packers have 5 TEs on their current roster. Miami has one and a half. I viewed D. Allen as being comparable to A. Fasano. Remember J. Finley was looking for WR Franchise Money. Not TE Money. He had a valid case with almost 48% of his plays out a non-TE role. Fleener posses all of the same measurable as Finley when he came out. Except Fleener is Smarter, Faster, and has all the things you look for in a TE/WR. Maybe I started to view Fleener as a WR more than a TE. An I wanted both a TE and a WR type. The 3 top offenses for 2011 where Pats, NO, and Packers. One thing they have in common is the TE model. Oh an a Franchise QB. LOL. Fleener is a Plug and Play pick. I tried to trade down out the 8th pick to no avail. I’m still waiting for that e-mail to come. I also hoped that with this pick I could throw a kink in the draft. I needed to land a QB and solid OLB/DE with my second and third pick. It didn’t work though. LOL

Brandon Weeden---He was one of my top five QB choices. I had to pick Weeden because I felt that Denver viewed him as a pick in the second. I wasn’t sure if my last choice would make it to the third. I view Miami as needing to take a QB every year in the First 3 rounds until they get their guy. I don’t view Weeden’s age as a problem. I view it as an asset.

Marvin McNutt---This is where the Packer Proto-Type WR came into play. I targeted 6 WRs that fit the bill. Looking at the previous mock draft I knew McNutt would not last to the fourth round. McNutt played for current Dolphin’s QB coach Ken O’Keefe at Iowa.

Shea McClellin---This was a tough call. All of the top OLB/DE were off the board. Jared Crick was taken by GB right before my pick. He was going to be my pick. McClellin’s value and position flex was another need. I couldn’t pass him up with Crick off the board. The other possible DE/OLB I viewed as more as projects. Miami has run a 3-4/4-3 hybrid defense for the last several years. ONE PROBLEM. Mike Nolan left for the Falcons. Kevin Coyle is the new DC for Miami. He was the DBs coach in Cincy before being hired. He has DC experience at the college level. I can’t find anywhere in his past that says he has run the 3-4 or the old school Okie Defense. IMO he will run a base 4-3. I need a player that can play one of the 3 LB positions. We have Dansby and Burnett on roster. I could see McClellin fitting in at DE or LB. We also have Koi Misi to fill that roll. McClellin is better though. He also fell as a BPA. An I new he would not last to the fourth. I could have taken another WR here.

Malick Jackson---I became concerned at this point. I needed a pass rusher. All the good ones were gone. 9 of my targeted players at various positions came off the board between this pick and my last. Jackson fits the Proto Type Parcells DL.

Devon Wylie---This was one of the 2 WR I had left as a targeted WR pick. This is a player I’ve seen play in person. The only question on Wylie is the Medical. A friend of mine told me that Wylie timed in the low 4.2s a couple years back. An all of the coaches considered him the Fastest player to EVER play at Fresno State. Yeah I know Fresno State homer.

Cody Sensabuagh---I needed a DB. Mayock loves this guy. He is considered very savvy and smart. We need a FS. SS will be manned by Rashad Jones. IMO. Richard Marshall could be the answer at FS. This is a value pick.

Jaye Howard--- I had to get in on the Depth in this draft. Some how no one is talking about this guy. Draft Nasty has a 3rd round grade on him. With 4 of our DL players due for FA next year this is a pick I need to make. Marcus Forston came off the board at the end of the 6th and was also someone I was considering.


Joe Long, OT, Wayne St---Had to do it. He has the size and length to compete.

Will Blackwell, OG, LSU---More depth

Jarret Boykin, WR, Virginia Tech---He had a bad combine.

Chris Anzevino, OC, Kent St.---Proto Type Center for Packer System. 6’2 300, athletic

If anyone would like to comment on why or who I looked at in the 1st please comment below. I used 6 different online sources for player info.Universal Draft does a great break down of Miami's needs and why. Players are open to opinion. We all have one. I will give you mine and respects yours. I see Miami trading down in the 1st. There are several player trades I would look at also. IMO

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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