Dolphins pick at #8, or should they? Let's mock the Dolphins draft!

Hello fellow Phinatics. As this is my first post, I ask for leniency from the grammar police.

I thought it would be fun to see if I could pick better than the Dolphins GM. I’m sure there are a lot of you wondering the same thing. I am doubtful the GM for the Dolphins will do any of our theories (since the first thing you see on their web site is an article about Tannehill, hmmm) but, it not only gives us all an idea of the talent that’s in the draft, it also may give us better insight as to really how hard it must be to adequately pick talent for your team. I started with an idea of how I thought this should go and then it kept changing the deeper I got into it.

So let’s see how you would choose. This should be fun since everyone has an opinion. Please post your mock in the comments below, but there are rules. I have to ask that you try to stay realistic (Andrew Luck will not fall to our spot and there’s no way we would get more in a trade than what any other team has given in the past) and provide as much information as to why you think your pick is the best for that given round. Whether, it is due to draft grade, combine results, pro day workouts or game highlights and not just because you think he'd be great. Try to provide a solid reason that supports your theory.

Here is mine and you're more than welcome to pick it apart (since some of you can't resist the opportunity, anyway).

Round 1; Dolphins trade the #8 pick (and possibly the third they picked up from the bears) to the Cardinals for the #13 pick and a 2nd round and a fourth. Makes sense to me for several reasons; 1) According to my reasoning Trent Richardson will be there and they need an upgrade at RB. 2) Justin Blackman will be there because the Rams will take Q. Coples very athletic and talented but, poor work ethic (sounds like a certain QB he used to coach). Talented LB's Melvin Ingram and Luke Kuechly will be there. And these kind of options being there with Panthers need at RB, Bills need a big time WR and both Chiefs and the Seahawks would love to get either one of these LB’s. The Cardinals have a need in all these areas and would rather pick who they want instead of waiting to see who falls to them (I call it the Manning rejection syndrome).

That leaves us with DeCastro at #13. "Oh no, not another offensive lineman in the first round", you say? Well when you consider at the combine this guy came in at 6'5", 316 lbs., 10" hands, benched 34 reps and ran the 40 yd in 5.4. He also managed to help keep Andrew Luck clean from both guard and the right tackle positions (no, not at the same time). And his draft grade comes in just under Luck's which makes him the best player on the board even if we were picking at #8. We fill a need and possibly pick up another 2nd round and possibly a 4th, if we approach it right we might not have to give up the 3rd. The Cowboys are sitting at number 14 and will be sure to grab him if we don’t.

Round 2; DT Brandon Thompson, 7.0 grade. At the combine he came in at 6’2", 314 lbs, 10" hands, 4.7 20yd shuttle, 31" vertical and 35 bench reps. Very consistent stopping the run and draws double teams from the offensive line.

Round 2 (from the Cardinals); WR Stephen Hill, 6.9 grade. At the combine he came in at 6’4", 215 lbs, 6.88 cone, 39.5" vertical and 4.35 in the 40 yd dash. This guy is a big fast target and has natural hands. Some analysts have this guy going 3rd to 4th round but he’s much too talented and seriously doubt he falls this far. So our consolation pick will be WR Rueben Randle, ran a 4.33 in the 40 yard dash at his pro day. Shows some savvy as a route runner and can pluck the ball from his frame, but will allow the ball to his chest. He’s a guy that can make plays down the field and shows awareness to break off his route when the QB gets in trouble.

Round 3; LB Zach Brown, 6.5 grade. He’s an outstanding athlete that can get to the QB consistently. Unfortunately, he has off-field issues and may be a bad locker-room presence (which is why I have him dropping to the 3rd rnd, unless the Patriots decide he’s worth the risk). I would’ve picked QB Brandon Weeden, If not for his age he would probably go in the 1st round, that is until we signed Garrard. So a good alternate (and probably the most realistic) would be DB Josh Robinson (6.8 grade), displays good instincts in both man and zone concepts. He’s a perfect replacement for Will Allen.

Round 4; QB Nick Foles 6.4 grade. He didn’t show very well at the combine, which is the main reason he’s here and not a lot higher. He can make every throw and can make plays down the field but his throwing gets erratic due to poor foot work. We all know how the front office loves project players. With a little coaching could we have found our franchise QB?

Round 4 (Cardinals from the 1st rnd trade); TE Ladarius Green 6.1 grade. I like the way this guy comes off the line and can hit the seam or find the hole in the zone. He’s an adequate route runner with great hands. He needs to improve on blocking techniques.

Round 5; WR Ryan Broyles 5.8 grade. I liked this guy’s production in college and a QB can never have too many weapons. At 5’10’’, 192lbs and a 4.45 40 time, he was an unstoppable playmaker until his injury sidelined him for the rest of his senior season and was considered a late 1st to early 2nd round pick. Alternate would have to be LB Jonathon Massaquoi, a beast rushing the passer with very little to no technique. He can squat 400lbs. and finished his 2 year career with 129 tackles (31 for a loss) and 19.5 sacks. Sounds like he’d be fun to watch, right?

Round 6; OT Brandon Mosely 6.4 grade. 6’5’’, 314lbs and bench pressed 225 lbs 30 times. Struggled at LT and may project better inside playing guard.

Round 7; SS Matt Daniels 5.5 grade. A great student of the game and his work ethic is off the charts. Not eye-popping numbers in college (126 tackles and 2 ints in 3 years), but he can fly, running a 4.43 in the 40yd dash at his pro day. He is a strong, sure tackler, with good zone instincts and ball skills. Very durable and will play through pain. He has never missed a game. He’s probably not as good as Bell is, but he might have what it takes to be better than Bell in the not so distant future.

Honorable player mention;

OG Schwartz 6.5 grade, should be a late 3, though I thought strength would be an issue.

FS Iloka has a draft grade of 6.4 although his on the field production leaves a lot to be desired for someone projected for the second round. He is a big question mark when in zone or tackling. My consideration would come more towards the 4th round.

LB Kyle Wilbur (6.1 grade). I originally had him being drafted in the 5th round, now I’m seeing him move up in everyone’s mock draft. This is a guy with all the physical attributes and the skill to play the position. Whether it be rushing the passer or dropping back in zone. He would be perfect opposite Cameron Wake. Unfortunately we gave this pick away to get back into the second. Or did we?

RB LaMichael James 6.2 grade, should be there in the 4th and if we don’t get Foles, he would make a great replacement for Bush, whom should have 3rd round pick value should we want to trade him.

I have tried to stay with where we can go to fill our needs and the best value for that given pick and believe we would have 5 potential starters, Decastro (1st), Hill (2nd), Brown or Robinson (3rd), Green (4th) and Mosely (6th) without being too optimistic.

There you go, ladies and gentleman. Show us what you got.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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