The Little Nicky Plan to Build the Dolphins From the Ground Up

Let's pretend for a second that I am Stephen Ross. A better looking, shorter, much much younger Stephen Ross. A Stephen Ross who doesn't want celebrity owners.

Actually, scratch all that. Let's pretend I just bought the Dolphins FROM Stephen Ross. There is no more Stephen Ross, unless you own a luxury condo in New York. If that is the case, I hope you like living next to Fergie and T-Pain.

Moving on, I, Little Nicky 21, have just bought the Miami Dolphins with my Powerball winnings. And I'm about to set this place on FIRE. Not literally, of course, except for that damned bubble. That thing is going up in flames like a grounded Hindenburg. But what I really mean is, I'm starting essentially from scratch with my new toy beloved Franchise. I'm going to lay out the moves I would make, the hires I would make, and the direction I would like the team to go with personnel. First up would be arguably the most popular move I could make...

PHASE 1: New Front Office.

Jeff Ireland is fired. And the build begins from the very foundation. I have a simple philosophy when it comes to the front office: Hire successful people from successful organizations who worked under other successful people. The three franchises I would look to emulate (and rob from) would be Green Bay, New York (Giants), and New Orleans. Since the Saints are pretty toxic at the moment, what with all the Bounties and suspensions and such, let's eliminate them. So I'm looking for the new GM (traditional hierarchy, no Czar or President or VPFO) who has worked under either Jerry Reese in NY, or Ted Thompson in GB. Two of the best GM's in the league, who aren't doing the job completely on their own. They have very good people working with them, and I want those people working for me.

I also believe in creating continuity right from the word go, so I would do my best to hire my HC from the same organization as my GM. They would have some familiarity, and would bring the same attitude and plan from their previous locale on the field, and in the front office.

So I'm choosing between John Dorsey, Director of College Scouting with the Green Bay Packers, and Kevin Abrams, Asst. GM of the New York Giants. They both come ready-made with HC candidates (we currently employ one of them). They both come with a very enticing set of skills, as well. Dorsey was in charge of college scouting for a team built largely from the draft, meaning his input was of vital importance, and he was obviously pretty good at it. Abrams is a former Salary Cap Analyst, and has been working with Reese for much of the last decade. Having a guy who has a good handle on the cap making the personnel calls would be a terrific hire, in my opinion.

PHASE 2: New Coaching Staff.

I like our current staff, but I don't know if I would've built it the same way. Based on what I said earlier, Philbin would be the choice if Dorsey was my choice for GM. If I went with Abrams, I would target Perry Fewell as the Head Coach. Either way, I'm happy with my Head Coach.

I like the addition of Sherman as OC, so I would stick with that. Defensively, if Fewell was the HC, I'd allow him to choose one of his assistants, perhaps Jim Herrman, his LB's coach, who was DC for nine years at Michigan before jumping to the NFL. I may even target him with Philbin on board, and try to bring the Giants defensive philosophy here to Miami. Coyle would also be considered.

PHASE 3: Personnel.

Well, Brandon Marshall would still be here. I'm not going to lay out all the Free Agent signings and draft picks, as that has been in numerous other posts. What I will say is my strategy for the draft would be to trade down. Twice. Maybe even out of the first round completely. All in an effort to get 2 more first round selections in 2013. We all saw the price to trade up for a Franchise QB is 3 first rounders. Since I have no idea if the team has #1 Overall Pick potential this season, I'm not taking chances. I want to acquire enough ammunition to go after one of the top QB prospects in next year's draft. Whether it's Barkley, Landry Jones, or one of the Tyler's (Bray or Wilson), I don't know now, but I want to have the ability to get that guy without selling off future picks.

The plan, in my mind, is simple. Start at the top. Get a GM who not only has learned from a successful GM, but has had a big role in building a successful Franchise. Get a HC who has been a part of success and has seen what it takes to get to, and win, a Super Bowl. And be aggressive to get an Elite QB. If I can give the Dolphins those three things, I would feel pretty confident in the future. This is a plan to return the Dolphins to Greatness, something Stephen Ross' plan has not yet done.

I just really hope I win Powerball. Should probably buy a ticket at some point...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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