This team hasn't been relevant for 24 years!!!

What I've experienced as a Dolphins fan since I was 8 years old, nothing but heartache and bad emotions!!!

Last SB win :1973 39 years

Last SB app :1985 27 years

Last AFCC app:1992 20 years

Last Div win :1992 20 years

Last Div app :2000 12 years

Last Playoff win:2000 12 years

Last Playoff app:2008 3 years

Missed the playoffs 14 times in that span been there only 3 times since 2000

16 different starting qb's since 1999

6 different head coaches since 1999 (Not including interims)

What does this all mean? I'm gonna be 32 and the youngest I can remember watching the Dolphins was around the age of 8, so that means I've seen about 24 years of Dolphins football, and I've watched them win 6 playoff games, with 1 app in the AFC Title game. Its been torture watching this team look at the way they end their playoff runs in the past 24 years

1990- Buf 44, Mia 34 in a snow storm, game wasnt as close as score shows

1992-Buf 29, Mia 10 blowout @ home to go to the SB

1994-SD 22,Mia 21 Dolphins beat themselves here

1995-Buf 37,Mia 22 Blownout by the Bills for the 3rd time in 4 years

1997-Ne 17,Mia 3 Very cold and frigid game prob Marino's worst playoff performance

1998-Den 38, Mia 3 Wow who would have thunk another blow out?

1999-Jax 62,Mia 7 Easily the worst Dolphins game I've ever seen

2000-Oak 27,Mia 0 This time we dont even score

2001-Bal 20,Mia 3 Waste of a talented D with inept offense

2008-Bal 27,Mia 9 Guess who blew us out again @ home?

Our 6 playoff wins aren't that much impressive, yet we find a way to get embarrassed in the playoffs. This franchise has been awful since the 86 season with a few nice seasons here and there but look at the way they all end. Other than the Chargers game Miami closed out their season with a blowout loss when it counts most. Yes it was storied up until 1985, sounds odd cause thats just about all of Marino's career well Marino was the only positive thing ever with this team when he played.

Oddly enough he retires then they have the best D, get Ricky Williams, good WR's and still suck for the whole decade. Cause we dont have another Marino and our sucky head coaches Fiedler/Wannstedt, Culpepper/Saban, Cleo Lemon/Cameron, Henne/Sporano, now we have Moore/Philbin. (Please note that I use the combo for certain reasons of qb/coach I'm sure you get it) Still to this day the Jimmy Johnson (ruined the end of Marino's career) hire started this cause he gift wrapped the HC job to Wannstedt and it all went down Titanic from there.

I dont know about yall but I never witnessed glory Dolphins days, I'm so tired of this team being so terrible year after year while teams like the Cardinals, Falcons, Saints, Lions, Buccs, Vikes, Jets, Titans to name some find their grooves with stud players and good quality drafting. At least back then players wanted to come to Miami, now we are a joke a laughing stock of the NFL, I stopped spending money on this team years ago and its been a great investment. All I ever hear is the same bs new regime speech, I want to bring a SB to SoBe we will build through the draft acquire top level talent and upgrade @ the QB position, I know we can win we have a great core group of bla bla bla!!! Shit is so annoying now its just awful decision after awful decision and its been more extreme the bad way than anything else. I think Philbin is a good hire but, Moore will not lead us anywhere but 7-9 wins cause of our D @ best and screw us out of drafting a top QB every year like the Fiedler effect did.

I like Tannehill alot I pray we draft him cause after him I'm really not interested in any other QB's,if not this team needs to tank so we can get Matt Barkley or not win like 5 meaningless games at the of the season after another terrible start to put us back even more in the draft, since we have a decent team, a great QB will go along way but we now need to get him a stud WR, and O-Line help. The D will be fine thats the stronghold of this team so a piece here and there will do just fine.

I'm just venting my frustrations as a fan for the past 24 years of my Dolphins fanhood, all my friends have seen their teams win multiple SB's and mine hasn't even been to one in forever, it kills me so much when discussing about it but whatever @ least I got the Heat, and the Marlins!!! Go SoBe lets take the NBA Title and MLB Title, cause Dolphins wont be relevant for God knows how long!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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