3 Reasons why we should keep Jeff Ireland

I know there is an over-flow of posts and comments about this subject, but I feel like they are all one sided and are frankly just unfair. I have been a Dolphins fan ever since i was 6 years old (23 currently) and I will always stay true to my team but as we all know our brass has seemed more like fools gold more often than not. I think that if people take a second to really see what goes on around the NFL that they will see that Mr. Ireland should stay in Miami.

The first and possibly the most important reason I think we should keep Ireland is Stability. If you look at all the top organizations in the league in at almost every level there is some stability. If you always change systems and coaches you will never be building only rebuilding. The same goes for players, who is to say that some players wouldn't prosper with one more year (ask the chargers if they wished they had given Drew Brees one more year). I will show that stability plays a major role in being a successful franchise. For this I will use Pittsburgh, New England, Green Bay, Indianapolis, and Philladelphia.

Since 2000 between the 5 teams there has been only 9 different head coaches. If Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy had not retired that number becomes 7 head coaches. In that span Miami has had 4 head coaches not counting Jim Bates, and Todd Bowles for their stints as interim coaches.(current head coach Joe Philbin is also excluded because this season hasn't started yet). With no stability in front office personnel how can we ever hope to build for the future.

The second thing that makes these Franchises so successful is the ability to draft well. When i say draft well I mean that at least one player from each years draft class must be a starter for your team, and 2 others must make the team. Honestly there are very few drafts where a team gets multiple "hits" in the same draft class. Lets look at Ireland's draft results since taking the reigns.

Since 2008 Miami has made 32 selections and 18 are still on the current roster, that is just over 50% rate of success. That averages out to every other pick being a quality player that makes the team. Every year the classes are getting better and better, last years draft was a slam dunk for Ireland.

The last reason to keep our ultra popular GM is because he is getting the players in place to win. Not everyone will always approve or get what they want but the facts are indisputable. We already discussed the draft now we move onto the free agent and trade acquisitions.

Since 2008 the dolphins have made a few waves with trades and FA pick ups. When you look at names like Randy Starks, Karlos Dansby, Brandon Marshall, and Reggie Bush how could you be unhappy with his effort. I know a lot of you are upset over Brandon Marshall being traded but IF he gets suspended for 8 games he will most certainly be worse than Bess. Speaking of Bess, he and DC$ were both undrafted FA that have serious pro bowl potential. He resigned Solia for a much more respectable price and also gave Bess a shiny new contract when he clearly deserved it.

How can getting quality football players make you a bad GM. I guess I'm just too nice because I can't see why he should lose his job and I certainly don't understand a stupid protest. We have some holes, but what team doesn't and besides when Ireland got here had nothing so give him a break.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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