My Opinion on Next Season

Honestly guys what is wrong with you people!!! My god I'm only 14 and I still believe the in the Dolphins. I joined in on the Dolphins when Marino retired so I didnt get to see the good years. IM STILL FIGHTING THROUGH THIS THOUGH! I mean you guys have all the right to be angry and I really don't care if your pissed off. I'm just saying wheres the belief?! Most of you on this site are acting like we just sold the franchise to some idiot. Just before you judge everything the dolphins do actually take a minute to think about the negatives AND positives. Every team has its ups and downs and when it's down you've gotta help it get through it as fans. So, enough quitter talk and at least think about the positives.. I BEG OF YOU.

I mean Garrard really wasn't a bad sign... at all. I mean he was great for the Jaguars, a Pro Bowler, and has gone to the playoffs with the Jags a few times. When I saw all the crap he was getting last night after the Twitter post I wondered, do u people even know how he's going to do.... NOOOOO!!!!! So I went on YouTube and watched a lot of his play. For crying out loud, this guy outplayed Manning in a game that I saw. Yes I mean Peyton Manning... Without the neck surgery. Also the whole 23TD's and 10-15 INT's in a few seasons did make me wonder about him. Then I saw his 7 included Rushing TD's and over 200 rushing yards. Plus he was playing with one of the greatest RB's Jones-Drew which made ME change my whole perspective. Think about it with a great RB like that he probably had less throws than Jones-Drew had runs. Point is I kinda believ I this guy because, one he'll be a good mentor for whichever QB we get, and two it will give Moore a reason to play his hardest and they will put on a show for us in pre-season. I'm just asking for u guys to at least give the man a chance if he can take the Jags to the playoffs maybe he could get us there.

All I'm asking guys is a little hope I mean we got Marshall to(Highly recommend watching this kid online) and MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE don't hold me to it he could play FS and we move Reshad Jones to SS or just keep him at corner. Whatever you guys think post it in the comments.

I gotta include a small Draft to just because it's fun.

Round 1- Melvin Ingram- We still need someone opposite of Wake and I still like this guy. He's got great speed and will attract some attention to the O-Line. MIGHT be a Von Miller... Key word MIGHT.

Round 2- This is the round we take Barron out of Alabama... I know most of you want a QB or a WR but I really like this kid and with the Bell cut we might need a SS if we don't do the Reshad and Marshall position trade that I listed above.

Option 2. Round 2- I like Floyd IF he is still here(probably not) but other than him Tommy Streeter. This guy ran a 4.40 at the combine and led the team in rec. and rec. yards I really like him especially since he

Round 3- If Cousins is still there than sure why not, if not maybe Kellen Moore or Weeden. Yea some of you might think I'm crazy but Kellen Moore might be worth it he did way better then Tannehill.

Round 3 2nd pick- If we don't get Barron I like Harrison Smith out of ND... AGAIN IF he is still here definetly get him because of his tackling ability and especially because he's versatile.

Round 4-I've been saying that I like Brian Quick he ran a 4.55 in the 40 yard BUTis six four with a near 35 inch vertical because of that I really like the kid. Plus him being 6' 4" he results as a great target for 6' 2" QB Garrard or one inch taller Matt Moore.

Round 5- I would like to invest in perhaps Lammar Miller just in case somin happens to our other RB's.

Round 6- Draft a RT out of Florida maybe he'll be like Pouncey but at RT.

Round 7- MLB, OLB, WR,CB for development I'm not sure.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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